Requirements for CNA Certification

When making the decision to pursue a career as a certified nursing assistant or CNA one must take into account that there are certain requirements that must be me in order to do so. This process can also require many forms that need to be filled out as well.

There are a number of community colleges and also other campus trainings that one may take online in order to learn the skills that can qualify to become a certified nursing assistant.  This has the flexibility with these options to make an individual path. However, simply completing the courses is not the only thing that needs to be done when seeking to be a C.N.A as a career path. For each student wishing to become a certified nursing assistant that must pass all required exams.

Required exams to become a CNA

The main exam for the C.N.A. is the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program. This exam has been taken by over one million people choosing this for their career path. The exam consists of several portions that include oral, written and a skill testing sections. As a part of the written exam there are also a series of multiple choice questions that cover a variety of skills and are also in English and Spanish. The oral selection is also given in English and Spanish complete with ten comprehensive questions.

C.N.A certification programs

There are also almost 250 C.N.A certification programs that are available to candidates that have taken 9 months to a year of the training which is a precondition to taking even more tests. In addition to the federal requirements, each state also have their own requirements for the certification that must be provided through the State Board of Nursing program. These requirements consists of things like the nursing assistants are drug-free, healthy, and do not have a criminal history. Therefore, screenings for health and also background checks are conducted in order to assure that these requirements are being met. Once the State C.N.A. certification is met, the nursing assistant must renew each year ending on December 31st.


In conclusion, when choosing to be a certified nursing assistant, it is in a persons best interest to research their state requirements for becoming a C.N.A.

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