Online C.N.A. Training Classes

Some may not always have the convenience of being able to attend classes at a school for a variety of reasons such as working a full-time job or being a stay at home mother. Therefore, online C.N.A. training classes are becoming more and more popular among those wishing to pursue being a certified nursing assistant as their career.

Advantages of an online CNA course

On of the biggest advantages of taking an online CNA course is the fact that you can cover many topics while still being able to keep up with a full-time job or with running a household. You also have the advantage of doing your course work a home, a coffee shop and even most libraries which offer free Wi-Fi. You will also have the ability to cover topics in the classroom at your own pace as long as you are able to keep up with your class syllabus. All of the content that you will be learning online will give you a clear idea of what a duty or responsibility of a certified nursing assistant entails. You are also learning about the future patients that you will have as well as biology.

Requirements to become a CNA

Every state has the basic requirement that each student must have at least sixteen hours of clinic work at either a doctor clinic or hospital and must also have a seventy five hours worth of class sessions. More often than not, long distance learning places such as community colleges will assist students in finding a clinic in which they can successfully complete those hours needed.

One should also keep in mind that they will have to meet the requirements set in place by their state and the training program as well. These requirements include that at least one hundred and twenty five hours of training must be held. Other course content that future certified nursing assistants can expect to learn may include medication, first aid, psychology, nutrition, anatomy, and physical therapy. Future students should also keep in mind that the variety of courses that are offered may last anywhere from eighteen to four weeks long per course that they are required to take. Students may also have the ability to make arrangements so that they are able to meet the requirements for the training on the job they will need to take.


In conclusion, online C.N.A. training classes can be very beneficial for someone looking to pursue this as their career path. As long as they make sure to research the courses and the course work load, they will be able to successfully complete the online training and get started on their career as a CNA.

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  1. sabrina says:

    I’m a nurses assistant & manager at a retirement home & id like to get my CNA to help with my future

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    I would like to work on my CNA certificate. Please let me know what should I do and where I be able to take classes? thank you so much.

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    I was 65 year old woman and I was certified at one time but I let it lapse. I still need to work so I would like to take a refresher course.

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    Interested in taking the free online CNA training

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