License & CNA Certification Renewal Informations

In order to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA), one needs to be enrolled for the program and complete the course. After the completion of the course requirements, the candidate needs to take a certification exam and clear it. Once clearing the test, candidate is eligible to get the license that would act as a gate pass for continuing a career as professional health care provider.

Initial Certified Nursing Assistant certification requires one to attend the training for nurse assistants, which is often mandated by the federal and state government. Community colleges, technical and vocational schools, and online CNA training programs can provide certified training.

The license of the CNA (certified nursing assistants) serves as a ticket in the field of health care career. However, these certificates are not a license for a lifetime.

People need to renew the certificate within two years.

After clearing the initial CNA certification, one can apply for various types of health care settings, which also includes rehabilitation facilities, private homes, Homes for Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, hospital s etc.

CNA certificate holds a lot of importance. Any individual needs to have a CNA certificate before they wish to be employed as a certified nurse assistant. CNA certificate acts as a proof, which gives an authorization to the candidate to perform their duties. It confirms that the candidate has complete knowledge and skills that a health care professional should have to give an effective care to the patient.

The candidate should keep this in mind that this certification has an expiry date also, which is after two years. It becomes very important for a person to renew their license so that they can continue to work as a nurse assistant and increase their experience. In order to renew the license, one needs to have worked very actively during the past two years as it is acts as a very important aspect while renewing the certificate. If one does not have a experience or the acquired experience is not enough then they might have to face challenges while renewing their certificate, and this may also include the retake of exam.

As stated earlier, one has to renew their license upon the certification expiry. If a person has been working continuously in a position of certified nurse assistant for the past continuous two years and their record is also a perfect one and has not been negatively affected in any way, then such candidates can follow the procedure given below in order to renew their license.

Every state performs a background check on each applicant who has applied for the CNA certification renewal. The candidate needs to have a clean record and should not have any criminal record. If a person is found to have a positive record towards the criminal record, then they won’t be able to apply for CNA License Renewal.

It is also important for the candidate to keep their address up to date with State Nurse Aide Registry as they will send the required important documents frequently that needs to be responded. In addition, the State Nurse Aide Registry also sends CNA certification renewal forms to the registered address around 60 days earlier than the license expiry date. If the person has not updated their current address with the State Nurse Aide Registry, then when the time of certification renewal will come, it will cost some extra amount for not updating the current address.

People can also apply online for certification renewal.

1. The candidate needs to ask for a cna certification renewal forms, fill all the required information in it, and make sure that all the health care employers fill the second section completely.

2. Write the employer’s entry date after they have filled in their information.

3. Mail the fully filled form to the state department who takes care of this section

4. Wait till the forms are processed as it can take two or three weeks that depends on the state and the office. Some state also provide online facility so that the candidate can check the renewal status of their forms.

5. If there has been no response even after the waiting time, then they can contact the office and put forward their enquiry

If one has not been active for the past 24 months or 2 years one might need to take the certification exam again. Some states also require working in the nurse aid program before retaking the state exams.


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