Red Cross CNA Training Classes

Choosing the Red Cross for Your CNA Training Courses

Getting your CNA certification is a great way to start off on the path to a rewarding health care career. Many different schools and organizations offer CNA training, but the Red Cross CNA training classes are some of the best available. In these CNA courses you will learn a variety of skills that will prepare you for a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

The Red Cross CNA program is also called Nurse Assistant Training or NAT. At the end of this program you will be ready to obtain an entry level job in a nursing home environment and will have the necessary qualifications to take your state’s CNA exam. You will learn a wide variety of useful skills including: using medical forms to record information, taking pulse, blood pressure and temperature, patient bathing, hygiene and exercise and a variety of techniques for moving, transporting and assisting patients. In addition you will receive basic training on how to respond in emergency situations.

Red Cross CNA Training

In general the Red Cross CNA training classes include 2 distinct sections. You will focus on theory, where you will learn in techniques and information in a classroom environment, and clinical experiences, where you will practice the skills you have learned in a real healthcare environment. The number of hours required will vary based on your program and area, but courses are generally completed in about a month.

During your theory training you will be taught through lectures and demonstrations every skill and technique that you will need as a CNA. Additionally in the Red Cross program you will receive CPR training and AED training. Once this segment of your training is successfully completed, you can then begin the clinical training.

Clinical training is a great way to really put your knowledge to the test. You will be working in an actual healthcare facility, such as a nursing home, under the direct supervision of a licensed nurse instructor. This instructor will supervise small groups of about 15 students or less. You can put your skills to work while gaining actual practical experience. At the end of your clinical time, you will know exactly what working as a CNA is all about.

Red Cross is one of the premier CNA programs because of their experience and quality instruction. When you choose the Red Cross, you are choosing a CNA program with more than 100 years of experience. Every instructor is a licensed Registered Nurse that can provide answers to questions and help when needed. Additionally you will find that the curriculum is well rounded for optimal learning. The Red Cross uses a wide variety of different teaching methods to ensure that every student gets a top quality CNA training experience.

For a person looking to break into the health care field the American Red Cross CNA training is a great place to start. It is available in many states though the course hours may vary based on specific state requirements. The Red Cross course is a highly acclaimed, fast paced and comprehensive curriculum and may be completed in as little as two months. The participant is expected to successfully complete both classroom and hands on skill activities.

The following is a list of the minimum requirements for an American Red Cross CNA student:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or older
  •  Have no felony convictions in the past 7 years
  •  Be free of any communicable diseases
  •  Pass a TB screening
  •  Not be currently pregnant

The American Red Cross course will entail classroom instruction, laboratory practice, and actual supervised experience with patients in a hospital or nursing home setting. Classrooms are set-up with all the necessary equipment to do the job such as hospital beds, practice mannequins, bed pans, wheelchairs and most likely a real Hoyer lift. Students learn how to move patients from bed to wheelchair and back again, how to take a patient’s vital signs and provide assistance with feeding, bathing, grooming, dental care and so forth.

RedCross CNA Classes Application

Applicants are required to pass a two-part exam upon completion of the training course. The entire process takes about 5 ½ hours. A skill assessment must be passed first before taking the written portion of the exam. Participants are notified of their test results the same day and will receive their state CNA certification a short time afterward.

The path to becoming an American Red Cross certified CNA is strenuous but in the end rewarding. To help another person with the simple tasks of day to day life and know that you are providing a real and vital service to them, makes the hard work more than worth it.