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CNA Courses
CNA Courses & Their Cost

Career opportunities are galore and so are the certified courses for gaining expertise in your area of interest. If you aspire to be a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), explore the plethora of training opportunities and classes and programs.

Presenting before you are some affordable CNA training and classes that give prospective students a scope to get a certified course. It serves as a launchpad for the nursing career and serves as one of the key sectors of the health care team. One of the many reasons why CNA is gaining popularity is the diverse job opportunities, wide experience and above all affordability of education.

Best CNA Courses Around USA

Among the myriads of courses scattered all over, it is not easy to pin point just one as the best. If you are on the search for good CNA courses, take a look at the list to get an idea of the best few. Find a course that meets your requirements and ekes out a trained nurse from you. American Red Cross, Resurrection Healthcare, Maine Medical Centre, York College, Houston Community College, the Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health, Blinn College, Century College, Career Colleges of America are some of the most reputed facilities that provide CNA classes in the United States of America.

Affordable CNA Classes

Compared to other health care training programs, CNA training is quite affordable, the average cost of the approved CNA training being $1300. There are plenty of low cost, affordable CNA training. Research and surf a little to find affordable CNA classes at your fingertips.

If you are working at a healthcare facility, you may ask your employer to arrange for a training of Certified Nursing Assistant. The facility, if unable to help you directly, may choose to pay for your training, if your enthusiasm and interest bear out. You may even get hired for a job after interview and receive the training for free. You may also contact nursing departments or local healthcare facilities to access the low cost and efficient classes.

  • American Red Cross champions out to be the Good Samaritan in this context as it proffers free CNA training on the condition that students applying for the free program must agree to work there itself.
  • Maine Medical Center bears most of the expenses of the students, relieving them of the financial burden.
  •  York College is another such benevolent facility that trains prospective students with a limited budget.
  • The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health is regarded as one of the best classes due to its high quality training content and affordability. One can complete the program in less than $1380 or so.
  • Houston Community College, while imparting nursing skills to students, is one of the most affordable classes in the United States, with the tuition fee just around $695
  • Resurrection Health Care provides students with theoretical sessions and practical training with real life scenario, the best part being that the tuition and all other expenses of the students are borne by the healthcare facility itself.

Cost of CNA Courses

One of the benefits of this profession is the lower cost of training compared to the income generated by this profession. The high return ration in financial terms of the CNA classes is what attracts many students to this sector. Worry not about the price tag as we are giving you a review of the total cost, including the hidden obscured details, incurred during the period of CNA classes.

Apart from the tuition fee, the student needs to cover the expenses of the program supplies, medical examination, certification exam fees, transportation and a criminal background check. The exam fee may range from $90 to $105 depending on written or audio version of tests, while the criminal background check including fingerprint tests may cost around $20 to $40.

The overall average tuition cost for in state CNA students is about $71.50 per credit hour while it shoots up to about $263.50 per credit hour for out-of-state students. You also have to account for the expenses like student support fees, campus access fee, technology fees, TB test and vaccinations.  Remember whichever school you choose must have an accreditation. There are plenty of opportunities and even more options available. Choose the one that best suits you.

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