CNA Training and Classes in Chicago

Becoming a CNA in Chicago is a great way to get started in the healthcare industry. Getting  your CNA certificate will prepare you for work in nursing homes, doctor’s offices and many other entry level healthcare positions. To get your CNA in Chicago you will need to complete a certified CNA training program in Illinois and pass a written test. In many cases you will also have to get a background investigation and register with the state of Illinois due to the Health Care Worker Background Check Act.

Qualifications needed to join CNA Training in Chicago

You will take your written test through the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale which offers  exams throughout the state. You can find a complete list of test sites online at (www.nurseaidetesting.com). You can also prepare for your test at this site with their helpful study guides and practice tests. Once you pass the test your name will be added to the Illinois Health Care Worker Registry and you can start working.

Since many CNAs in Illinois will be working in long term care facilities, here are a few of the qualifications that you must meet to qualify for these positions. You must have a background check with no disqualifying convictions. Additionally you cannot have a history of abuse or neglect. CNAs must be at least 16 years old and have at least an 8th grade education or be able to prove that you posses that level of knowledge.

CNA Training Program in Chicago

You can start working as a CNA before your training is complete. You will have 45 days from the time of hire to enroll in a CNA course certified by the state.

Abbey Home Health Services Inc – (773) 784- 8717

Apex Home Health Services Inc- (773) 202-1948

Arturo Velasquez West Side Technical Institute- (773) 843-4618

Career Training Center of Chicago- (773) 583-8532

Chicago Care Training Center- (773) 506-4370

Chicago Community Learning Center- (773) 506-1503

Citi College of Allied Health- (312) 236-9000

College of Office Technology- (773) 278-0042

Competent Healthcare- (773) 249-4644

East-West University- (312) 939-0111

Glencrest Nursing and Rehab- (773) 338-6800

Grace Health Career Center- (773) 287-8980

Great Paragon Health Services Inc- (773) 973-1753

Harold Washington College- (312) 553-5660

Healthcare Plus- (773) 283-0090

Kennedy King College- (773) 602-5222

Malcolm X College- (312) 850-7348

Olive Harvey College- (773) 291-6339

Phalanx Family Services- (773) 261-5600

Truman College- (773) 907-4458

Tukiendorf Training Institute- (773) 817-4515

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  1. tina_cna says:

    Nice post! Here in Chicago, many of the hospitals and clinics will only work with “students” from certain schools. Most prefer that you are already certified before hiring you. I’ll advise anyone looking to become a CNA to go to a community or vocational school. You will get both classroom and clinical training that will equip you to take the state exam. Read this post http://toniferreira.blog.com/2012/01/26/how-to-become-a-certified-nursing-assistant/. It explains the requirements and duties of a CNA. It also has a list of state approved schools, price comparisons and course period. If money is an issue for you, this post also has some good information about the WIA program and how to use this government assistance to pay for your CNA training.

  2. trang chủ says:

    I could not refrain from commenting. Very well written!

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