Careers as a Certified Nursing Assistant

If you are interested in working in the medical profession but don’t want to spend the years and money it takes to become a doctor, consider becoming a nurse. To start, you will need training as a certified nursing assistant, or CNA. This is basically an entry level nurse; and training can be completed in as little as six weeks. Once you have completed the CNA training, you can decide whether you want to continue your education to become either a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse.

Where one can gain experience as a CNA?

While you determine if continuing your education is the best choice for you, you have many options for gaining experience as a nurse. The most obvious beginning place is at a hospital; however, this is not the only place of employment for nurses. Nursing homes, doctor offices, and clinics also hire new nurses. Another potential employer for more experienced CNAs is with a private service. Private companies usually want CNAs who already have experience that can be applied to the clients’ care, but these companies are usually willing to pay more for that experience.

Job responsibilities of a CNA

The CNA is expected to do many of the more basic jobs in any setting. The majority of the basic patient care is the responsibility of the CNAs, from cleaning the patients and rooms, to collecting requested samples from patients, to answering questions. It gives the beginning nurse an opportunity to get a hands-on experience and the required personal skills to deal with patients and their families without having the pressure of emergency situations. Gaining a familiarity with how more practiced nurses handle the tougher situations without having to make the snap decisions yourself will help you to decide if more responsibility is right for you. Even if you decide not to pursue further education as a nurse, as a CNA you are still providing an important service to people in need.

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