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The healthcare sector is gaining importance and a boom in the sector is expected in the upcoming years. Certified Nurse assistant training is a certified training course that embeds the professional skills of kickstarting one’s career as a nurse. The training programs mentor students to deliver care to the patients. It includes theoretical lectures as well as hands-on clinical session.

The training will prepare you for a wide range of healthcare including first aid, infection control, range of motion exercises, AED usage, the art of taking care, special care instructions and even interpersonal soft skills like communication, teamwork and a number of skills that your workspace desires you to possess.


Nursing as a career holds huge potential, and a certified degree in the field as a CNA boosts up the chances and prospects in the job market. The vital role played by compassionate nurse aides is crucial to all healthcare facilities, which has created an ever growing demand for CNAs.

Due to the high professional demand, it is recommended that trainees should attend the classes to gain an expertise in the field of nursing. Therapeutic communication, communication with young children, with patients who have trouble in speaking is essential for such trainees to muster. Other skills like infection control, first aid, emergency handling are also embedded in them during the training. Thus, attending the best CNA classes is required. The American Red Cross, Career College of America, Century College, some community colleges are certain institutes and healthcare facilities that provide training programs for CNA.


If a quick certification course is what you desire on your platter that would skyrocket your job opportunities, try Certified Nurse Assistant training. The relatively less time required for the completion of the course is a major reason for students to flock to facilities looking for a CNA training.

The CNA training program is one of the most affordable and quickest healthcare training programs that are available. They usually range from four to twelve weeks, with most of them finishing off the course at the end of six weeks. The time varies depending on the school type, self paced online classes or full time offline classes.

At the end of the training period that includes theoretical knowledge as well as practical training sessions of nursing skills, the students and trainees should clear the State Certification Test. Qualifying in the exam makes the trainee eligible to get the certificate and a degree to adorn the CV.


No learning can be deep enough if the theoretical knowledge of books finds no parity with practical sessions. It applies particularly well for Certified Nursing Assistant trainings that requires practical skills of nursing, dealing with the patients and communication skills. The basic theoretical classes impart knowledge of medical ethics and legalities and some basic nursing concepts to the students, after which field work takes over.

It is during this period that students are exposed to real life scenarios at nursing homes and are taught first aid, infection control and patient care under the supervision of a mentor. CNA students actively participate in the care giving of the patients of the concerned facilities. The trainees are endowed with the responsibilities like reading vital signs, first aid, bathing the patients or even changing the bandage. 


As compared to other healthcare training, CNA training is affordable. The total cost averages to about $1300, including tuition fees and all other expenses. Apart from the items that the students need to procure before the training programs like notebook, DVDs with the program curriculum, uniform scrubs and non- slip tennis shoes and a stethoscope, the trainees have to spend on medical examination, criminal background check, etc for the completion of the course.

Medical examination includes prior immunization proof and a TB test. The cost incurred varies from place to place. In the criminal background check, the fingerprint and background check costs around $20 to $40. And finally the certification exam requires the trainees to pay a certification fee, that usually takes up a figure of $90 for the written version and $105 for the audio version.

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