CNA Books

Certified nursing assistant has evolved as a much sought after course among the other courses related to nursing and healthcare sector. CNA courses are very popular as there are many job opportunities in the healthcare sector and the pay is also pretty good. To complete the certification is a tough one and you need thorough preparation to clear the final examination. CNA courses books are the most useful tools when it comes to preparation for the exam.

CNA books help you to prepare well for the exam which is considered to be tough as the passing score is set high. To get the concepts well in a concise way, it is important that you refer to a few books which are recommended by experts. There are certain books which will give information based on the role and responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant like physiology, medication management, hygiene management and daily care. It is necessary that you find books which explain the responsibilities of a CNA pertinent to a particular state.

Types of books

Name of the Book
Cost of Book
Mosby’s Textbook for Nursing Assistants
USD 60
Workbook Being A Nursing Assistant
USD 50
CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Cram
USD 20
Nursing Assistant / Nurse Aide Exam
USD 13

Aspects of Quality CNA Books

It is important to choose CNA courses books of high quality as only such books will help you to score effectively in the competitive CNA exam. The books should be written by authors who are eminent personalities or professionals in the nursing and healthcare sector. You should keep this point in mind while buying your CNA books. Even if you are pursuing online CNA courses, these books play an important role in your preparation for the final exam.

It is also to be noted that if there are more visual elements in your books like images related to important concepts like physiology or pharmacology; it becomes relatively easier for the aspirant to remember and recollect the concepts. You may not be an exceptional student who can recollect whatever he hears at the lectures, it is just fine to be one among the million students who have to memorize concepts from books. It is in these cases that such books play an important role in the preparation for such courses.

Books also give you enough scope to solve practice tests and become fully prepared to face the final exam. The final exam will be tough and you should be conceptually clear in order to clear the exam. So, along with your theoretical books you should also buy CNA books with extensive practice tests. This will help you tackle the questions that are going to appear in the final CNA exam. The CNA exam basically has two sections, one is the skills test and the second is the written exam. The skills test will be based on the tests and experiments you conducted during your clinical session and the written test will test your theoretical knowledge based on major concepts like physiology, hygiene management, daily care of patients, medication management etc.

It is better if you get used to the type of questions asked in the written exam as there is no particular pattern of questions asked in the skills test. It also differs from state to state and city to city. For example: the pattern followed in one of test papers of CNA courses in Los Angeles, can be different from that in Maine, or any other city. There is a need to take the practice test prior to the exam as this would give you a feel of how the exam is going to be and you would be comfortable to take up the exam. You will feel relaxed and confident to take on the exam when the time comes. It depends on your performance in the exam whether you will become a certified nursing assistant or not. You will have to score the required score in both the skills test and the written test in order to pass the exam and get certified.

You should choose books which have descriptive explanations that can help you understand the concepts better and it is better to buy books which are up-to-date as the syllabus and the standard keeps changing. It is advisable to purchase the latest edition which has up-to-date information and concepts related to the field of nursing and healthcare sector.

Your CNA books can be used to revise well before the exam and score more than expected. You can ask your instructors for suggestions regarding books which would be helpful for your preparation. It is important that you do a little research before you buy the books as if the books you buy have little or insufficient information, you may end up wasting money on the wrong books.

CNA courses book should be bought after careful consideration as only some books are of high quality and will really help you to prepare for the exam better.