Qualifications of a Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified nursing assistants are nurses that provide hands on care for patients in hospitals, nursing homes, private homes, Doctor’s offices and other facilities.   They work under a registered nurse (RN), licensed practical nurse (LPN), or physician (Dr.).   Certified nursing assistants are a valuable worker and an important part of the nursing team.

Characteristics of a CNA

Certified nursing assistants must have certain characteristics to become a nurse.
• Report to work on time every day that you are scheduled.
• Keep Absence to a minimum and try not to call in sick.
• Many people depend on your service, especially the patients!
• Keep your promises and do what you say you are going to do.
• Perform your assignments without being told when, where and how to do them.
• Good communication with others.
• Be able to work as part of a team. Help others when they ask you for help. If you are finished your work, ask another team member if they need help.
• Be flexible.

Qualities of a CNA

• You are courteous to others at all times.
• You are under emotional control. Try not to make nasty remarks to anyone, such as co-workers, patients, patients family or a visitor.
• You can be trusted.
• You like to work with people.
• You get along easily with other people.
• You empathic of others.
• You are considerate and tactful.
• You want to learn more learn more about your job and grow with your job.

CNA Training

Depending where you live certifications for nursing assistants will vary but check with the Red Cross in your area for specifications.  Some states will allow you have a high school diploma, while others will not. States vary on the hours of clinical and book training but most require you to cover subjects such as nutrition, communication skills, patient rights, patient care, infection control, and so on.
Some specifications may include:
CNA training is provided at no cost by your employer.
• Vocational high school, community college and others provide CNA classes.
• Red Cross in your area can help you get started towards your new career.

CNA State Certification

• Complete CNA training program.
• Pass a competency test
• Contact the state for specific requirements for the test.
• Gather all documentation for the state requirements.
If you are a person who likes to work with people, get along well with others, and work as a team, then you might be able to have what it takes to become a certified nursing assistant.