CNA Job Details: Certified Nursing Assistant

Hospitals are busy, bustling places to be, and when you need help, it is usually a CNA, or Certified Nurses Assistant, that comes to your aid. They are the hospital personnel that work in the trenches; they feed their patients, dress them, bathe them, and care for most of their basic needs. Even though the above describes a CNA’s duties, there is so much more to their job.

CNAs have to participate in a state required course that can last anywhere form 6 weeks to 12 weeks, which encompasses book studies regarding general nursing, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and infections. After that, Certified Nursing Assistants will take a CNA course allowing them to put their training to practice with actual patients.

Salary offered to a CNA

Even though most medical care facilities demand that a CNA can perform the above job details, there are different types of CNA jobs. Employers have no problem hiring a newly certified nursing assistant because of they gained hands-on experience prior to graduation. The average salary of a new CNA is $20,000 to $30,000.

Job role of a CNA

The details of a CNA job is all about patient care: making sure they are bathed, dressed, groomed, and fed. But the most rewarding aspect of a Certified Nursing Assistant’s job is the connection they get to make with patients, especially patients that have to stay for a long period of time. While it is true that doctors and nurses are in contact with their patients daily, Certified Nursing Assistants spend the most time with them. Because they do much of the nitty gritty work, they are more aware of subtle changes in a patient’s health or behavior, and can inform the other members of that person’s health care team. CNAs are many times a patient’s lifeline.

As a CNA, you will probably work with patients in nursing homes, hospitals, private residences, and other similar facilities. What are you waiting for? Go out and get the job of your dreams.

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