How to Pass Your CNA Test

Becoming a certified nurse’s assistant (CNA) is a good move for your career and can ensure secure employment for many years, especially since according to current labor statistic trends, employment opportunities for CNA registrants are projected to increase at least 35 percent over the next five years. As baby boomers retire and life expectancy continues to rise, more and more job opportunities are becoming available requiring skilled workers in this sector. To become a CNA, you will need to be over 18, pass a drug screening and police records check, and participate in a CNA training course.

What does a CNA certification Exam Includes?

After your training, you will be given a test in order to confirm that you know everything required to perform the basics of most CNA positions. The first half of the exam is a written multiple-choice exam that tests your general knowledge. The second and obviously most challenging part  of the overall CNA certification process is the clinical skills evaluation. If you prepare and practice your skills and can demonstrate careful attention to the details you are assigned, you will successfully be on your way to certification.

While the examiner evaluates you, be sure to listen carefully to the tasks given and keep your hands washed properly before you do any task. Also, be sure to demonstrate safety and discretion when attending your patient and always think ahead and determine the best methodology for each task. If you practice these and some of the more basic tasks before your exam, you should be able to pass without trouble.

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