Personal Hygiene Requirements for the CNA

If you are starting a career as a CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant, you should always strictly maintain your personal hygiene. Germs are the number-one enemy of the medical profession and the lack of good hygiene can lead to disastrous consequences for not only a patient’s health, but also a CNA’s career.

Washing Your Hands

Washing your hands after every medical procedure is very important. Although each medical facility has their own hygiene guidelines, the standard practice in the industry is to wash the hands using medicated soap that kills germs. And of course, hands should be washed after visiting the restroom and before entering a patient’s room.

Styling Your Hair

A CNA’s hair should be always be well-groomed and never be allowed to become an annoying distraction. Those who have long hair may find it prevents them from performing necessary tasks. Long hair should be put back away from the face while in the workplace.

Washing Your Clothes

Every CNA should start their shift wearing clean clothing and a spare set of clothes should be kept on hand for emergency purposes. By wearing clean clothing, you are ensuring that you do not harbor any unnecessary bacteria.

Maintaining Your Nails

Short and clean nails are ideal for Certified Nursing Assistants. Those who have long nails risk accidentally scratching their patients and possibly causing an infection; longer nails tend to carry more bacteria and dirt. And when time and precision is of the essence, long nails can interfere during certain procedures.

Curbing Your Smoking

While at work, it is important to refrain from smoking during your shift. If you are a smoker, try to take your last smoke hours before your shift begins. The lingering smell of cigarette smoke can be irritating to sensitive patients.

Brushing Your Teeth

In order to have more pleasant exchanges with patients, you should do your best to keep your teeth clean and white and your breath sans disturbing odors. If necessary, pop a breath mint. Doing this will help you make sure your breath smells pleasant and does not bother patients and staff members.

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