Requirements for Obtaining a CNA License

Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA, students will study the required courses for 1-6 months before being eligible for a CNA license; the length of the coursework will depend on the state where the nursing student is enrolled in school. In order to get a license, CNA students must complete an exam consisting of practical and theoretical components.

Requirement 1 — Age

Prospective CNA students need to know that in order to receive a license, they have to meet a certain age requirement. Generally, those applying for a CNA license must be at least 18 years old.

Requirement 2 — Theory Competency Course

Upon completion of a CNA course, the student will need to take the theory competency course. Once this is done, the student will have completed their entire coursework. This competency course consists of 40 hours of clinical training, which is supervised by a trained nurse.

Requirement 3 — High School Diploma

Anyone wishing to obtain a CNA license must be a high school graduate and will need to supply their diploma to the license board.

Requirement 4 — College Transcripts

Along with a high school diploma, license hopefuls will need to show the CNA license board their college transcripts.

Requirement 5 — Background Check

Background checks are completely mandatory for those who are applying for a Certified Nursing Assistant license. This requires having fingerprints recorded and sent to the license board. Once in hand, the board will check the fingerprints for matches in a criminal database. Crime-free records are a must for applicants.

Requirement 6 — Testing

Of course, all applicants must successfully pass their licensing manual and theory tests, both of which can be taken online. Also, applicants are permitted to take these exams three times in order to improve their scores.

Requirement 7 — Proficiency in English

Those who wish to become a CNA need to have a fluent grasp of the English language in order to effectively communicate with patients and coworkers.

Requirement 8 — Past History

CNA license applicants should have no neglect or abuse complaints in their employee records.

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