How You Can Get A Job As A CNA

Once you have successfully finished everything required to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), you are probably excited about getting your first job in your new field. A few people even decide to get a job as a CNA while they go to nursing school. It’s not that hard to find your first CNA job.

Tips to find CNA jobs near you

First, you should start looking in the help wanted section of newspapers and online classifieds. Often, you will find that healthcare places are looking for nursing assistants who are fully certified. Then you can apply for the jobs that interest you in your area.

You can also get help from the career counselor where you got your CNA training. They can often point you in the right direction to places that hire new nursing assistants regularly. If you got your training at a hospital or nursing home, ask if there are any openings there.

Contact people from your classes to see if they found a job. If so, they can possibly offer you advice on where to look. If you know of any other people who work at a hospital, you can ask them about any CNA job openings where they work.

Contact continuing care communities, hospitals and other types of health care places where you live. Ask about any information on job openings for CNAs. You can also call home health agencies for data on getting a job as a home health aide. If you do take work as a health aide, you may have to care for several people a week.

Job Opportunities for CNA

You could work as a personal care aide or a non-certified nursing assistant until there is a job opening for a CNA. Some health care places hire nursing assistants and non-certified aides for certain types of jobs. You could temporarily do one of these jobs until a CNA position comes open.

You could also look for a job helping someone in their own home that needs assistant. Check the papers for these kinds of job openings.

If all else fails, you can place an ad in the paper yourself.

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