Free CNA Training available through State Nursing Boards

All 50 states have a State Board of Nursing responsible for overseeing the nurses and the nursing career within that state. Most of the times, if someone wishes to work as a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse or a certified nursing assistant, they are required to register and keep their license up to date via the State Board of Nursing.

There isn’t a single person who understands how bad the shortage of certified nursing assistants is better than the State Board of Nursing members. To cope with that shortage, they are now offering free CNA classes to people who wish to be certified nursing assistants.

Where to find Free CNA Training

In all 50 states, you should start your quest for a certified nursing assistant training program by calling the State Board of Nursing. They should have a list of programs that are accredited and approved for CNA training. The State Board of Nursing is also a great place to find programs that help you get funding for training.

Some of those programs are scholarships given by private groups, universities, and colleges; grants provided by state and federal government, and training and employment programs given by other agencies in your area. They may also be able to lead you to employers who will foot the cost if you agree to work with them for specific periods of time.

Also, some hospitals (especially those in big city areas) will offer free CNA training within the hospital. Any and all of these are great ways to help people become a CNA without having to worry about tuition and other fees.

Requirements to join free CNA Training

The State Board of Nursing is usually funded by money collected from nurses and facilities all over the state. They can also provide other ways to get free training. In some states students can petition the Board in regards to their tuition or other fee programs designed to help you get free training.

The best way to find out all you can about any of the programs in your area is to call the State Board of Nursing to get more information. You will, however, have to provide proof that you are unable to afford to pay for your own training.

The Board also in some cases gets money from the federal government especially for training and many use this to create grants and scholarships.

Carrer as a CNA

The career of a CNA is very rewarding and is seeing unprecedented growth in job availability. After you finish your training, you will find lots of jobs available all over the U.S. CNAs work in nursing homes, skilled living facilities, assisted living facilities, schools, daycares, doctor offices, hospitals, correction facilities, health departments, clinics and lots of other places.

Training and becoming a CNA is a great first step in a promising nursing career.

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I have been a CNA in the state of California since 1995. One of my passions in life is to help people and help others who want to expand their careers and become CNAs.

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