CNA Certification Guide

If you want to be a certified nursing assistant (CNA) then you must finish a CNA certification class. This class could last anytime from a couple of weeks to several months depending on where you go for the class.

Skills you will learn in CNA Certification Class

A CNA training class will be able to meet the requirements of the state you are in to prepare pupils to take the certification test. The class will have instruction by lectures that will help you learn about patient procedures, how to protect the privacy of patients, and associated topics.

In addition, the CNA class will feature hands-on tasks to help student get ready for the duties they will perform as a nursing assistant. Students will do role playing to help them to learn the best ways and the safest methods to do the tasks requires. Sometimes the students will pretend to be a patient and sometimes a CNA. This will help you know how it feels to be in both roles so you can see how a patient feels.

There will also be demos that will assist students in preparing for all the required duties of a nursing assistant through videos. The videos show CNAs in their jobs in a health care environment. Students will learn during the classes how to work with other CNAs and medical personnel and how to best work for their clients—the patients.

Some places will give you a chance to practice skills on actual patients. If you do the training at a health care location, you may be given the chance to work with real patients under proper supervision before you complete your classes.

A CNA program prepares you to take the required certification test. You will be ready as long as you study well, and pay proper attention to your classes and ask questions if you need to. If you take a class through the American Red Cross it’s shown that these students do very well on the test.

CNA Certification Test

You must take the certification test to work as a CNA. The test is in two parts: written and clinical. The written part has multiple choice questions that pertain to what the classes covered. It goes over things like medical procedures, the safety of the patients, and how to protect patient privacy.

Besides the written test, there is a hands-on demo portion of the test. You will have to prove to the test giver that you can finish the tasks they ask you to do that consist of a CNA’s normal duties.

Most tests make you show three to five skills and you have to show each and every step of the task from knocking on a patient’s door and announcing yourself to washing your hands and then letting the patient know exactly what you are about to do.

You must try to do these things as perfectly as you can, but they will know you are nervous and may make a few minor errors. As long as it wouldn’t hurt a patient you should pass as long as you relax and do your job. If you fail to pass either section of the test it will have to be redone according to the requirements for your state.

Renewing CAN Certification

CNA certification must be renewed every two years according to most states. To do this you have to pay a small fee and do some paperwork. You may also be asked to do continuing education and you must work a minimum amount of hours in your field each year.


Change happens all the time and the CNA job in the health care industry is no different. There may come a time when you will have to pass a new class and get re-certified for your job. You usually won’t have to take a whole course over again for CNA, just a few to get you up to speed for any new things that have come out in the field.

It’s important to keep up with the CNA regulations in your area. You should be able to use your employer to help you when you are checking what classes are needed to keep working as a CNA. Make sure you renew your certification before it expires so you won’t be place into a situation where you have to get re-certified.

A Career as a CNA

A CNA career can be very rewarding. There are several steps to take in order for you to become a CNA.  Find a high quality source for your class and finish all of it and then pass the certification test. Then, keep up with future requirements and you will be good to go for your future career as a CNA.

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