Finding CNA Classes to begin your education

CNA classes are given at several locations, including over the Internet. Every state has its own requirements regarding Nursing Assistant Schools that are approved, so you need to check with your own state to find out if a specific kind of training is more acceptable than another one may be.

CNA Classes in your State

The majority of stats want you to do your studies in schools approved by their State Board of Nursing. That’s why you should call your own state’s Board of Nursing to inquire if they have listings there or online for approved Nursing Assistant Schools or CNA training. The classes are held in Nursing Assistant Schools which are associated with the vocational schools, community colleges, universities, and medical facilities.

Some of these CNA courses approved by the states could be done over the Internet, but most states also require students to complete a practical and clinical requirement in order to fulfill their training at Nursing Assistant Schools. Therefore, you also have to find a way to complete those classes, which has to be done in person.

Putting in for CNA courses

When you put in to go to Nursing Assistant Schools, you need to ask if any prerequisites exist for taking their CNA classes. Some of the schools could require students to take a basic math competency and literacy test before they start. You must also be physically fit, able to stand and sit for long periods of time, and Plus, you have to be capable of lifting and bending before they will let you go into Nursing Assistant Schools for CNA training.

Time and Cost of a CNA Course

CNA courses can last about 4-12 weeks, depending on the school attended. Cost ranges from $800 to $2000. Classes at Nursing Assistant Schools cover basic textbook information, as well as practical, hands-on practice, and clinical experience in a real medical facility.  The majority of Nursing Assistant Schools work along with specific medical facilities there who give opportunities for students to complete the clinical they need to complete CNA training.

What will you learn in CNA Course?

The classes taken include nutrition, anatomy, physiology, infection control, communication skills, patient’s rights, and personal care skills. Students get practical experience by practicing on a mannequin in their classroom.

The clinical part of the classes takes place in a real medical facility and tests a student’s knowledge of what they have learned by having them demonstrate it on real patients.

After the classes, you have to take a CNA certification test, for which there is usually a fee. The test has a written part and a practical part where a state nurse tests what you have learned from your classes by having you perform three to five basic skills and techniques.

Once you pass the test, you will be certified and eligible to take a job as a CNA. Your training doesn’t stop at that point though, to keep your certification you have to take continuing education classes in CNA every two years. Plus, each state has licensing and certification fees and renewal fees each year.

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