How long does it take to become a CNA?

Did you know that in as little as six weeks you could have a new career in the medical field that can allow you to reach your full potential, working with other members of a medical team to provide care to patients in a doctor’s office or hospital?

Duration of a CNA Training Program

There are many CNA programs that are available to choose from but the major length of the program can depend on the concentration that can be seen through the duration of the program. Shorter programs offer condensed and longer session and classes, while longer durations or time periods of the classes that are available to choose from contain part time learning opportunities to increase the time that a student has to finish the program.

Depending on whether a full time or part time CNA class schedule has been chosen and how much time the student has to devote to the classes around their schedule, it can take up to several months to complete the course work that is required to become a CNA.

Duration of Additional training

Additional training that must take place through most programs are weekend long training sessions that require the student to learn the hands on and practical skills that are required through the workplace as a CNA. These skills can include taking the vital signs of patients, as well as charting and other forms of patient care and patient interaction. These seminars are often completed once the course work has been finished and allow the student to build upon the skills that have been learned in theory. As these courses can be finished in as little as a few days, the student is easily able to integrate these lessons into their schedule.

Finally, the student must take the CNA certification test within their area to ensure that they are able to work within the state that they have chosen. This exam can be easily taken within a couple weeks of finishing the program and practical examinations and therefore allows the student to begin looking for work as soon as possible.

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