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A certified nursing assistant provides direct patient care under the supervision of nurses. They may be responsible for a number of tasks and are also expected to have a solid understanding of emergency procedures. They are required to undergo cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training before they can obtain their certification. A CNA may find employment in a nursing home, doctor’s office, hospice center, home health care agency, hospital, urgent care clinics and assisted care facilities.

The job duties of a certified nursing assistant include providing personal care and assistance with everyday living activities. The type of care may consist of activities such as:

• Help with bathing, dressing, shaving, toileting and other grooming activities
• Preventing bedsores by changing the patient’s positions in bed on a regular basis
• Taking and recording vital signs
• Observing and reporting any changes in a patient’s condition to the nursing staff
• Providing assistance with walking or specific types of exercise
• Collecting specimen
• Transporting the patient to designated treatment units
• Cleaning the rooms and changing the linens frequently

All certified nursing assistants are required to complete a training program that is approved by the state of Wisconsin before they can receive their certification. All CNA programs are required to consist of at least 120 hours of total learning with 16 hours of classroom-based learning and 32 hours of clinical training. Under the supervision of educators, students get the opportunity to work with patients directly in a long-term care facility in the clinical training portion of the program. After completion of the program, students must take a state-certified examination. Upon passing the exam, students are eligible to work at any type of facility that employs certified nursing assistants in the state.

Approved training programs are required to educate prospective nursing assistants on several types of introductory nursing courses. Some of these courses may include:

• Infection control
• Emergency procedures
• Fundamental nursing care
• Patient rights including privacy laws
• Restorative care
• Preventive care
• Interpersonal skills

Nursing assistants often encounter challenging situations with certain patients. Some patients may become combative, uncooperative or difficult to handle and may make it very complicated for the CNA to do their job efficiently. Staying calm and maintaining professionalism in these types of situations are some of the issues that are typically addressed in training.

There are several schools in the Milwaukee area that provide quality, state-approved CNA training at an affordable tuition rate. Waukesha County Technical College provides a 120 hour program and is located just 18 miles west of Milwaukee. Amber House Inc. is a company that takes pride in providing excellent education to aspiring caregivers within the community. Community HealthCare Education Center offers financial aid to their students and also provides resources to help students in their job search after graduation from the program. Milwaukee Area Technical College is located in downtown Milwaukee and offers an approved training program for students interested in pursuing a career in nursing. C. Ross Education Center is another institution located in Milwaukee that provides quality health care training by state-approved educators.

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