CNA Training: What Does it Entail?

The majority of Certified Nursing training programs that are available follow similar requirements for the information that is to be taught to the student through the course of the program. This information will compliment the in-hospital training that occurs after the seventy-five hours of CNA class study time has been completed (or online study time).

Skills you will learn during CNA Classes

Here are some of the skills that you can expect to learn through the seventy-five hours of class-time that are required through the course of the CNA program:

The Fundamentals of patient care. Learning to care for patients and the methods that are used to ensure proper care, as well as health care standards are taught and reviewed through this portion of the program.

Respecting the patient demonstrates the fundamentals of respect that should be shown at all times toward the patient and privacy of patients is also covered in this section of the course.

Basic first aid and CPR are required through the course and can be taught to allow the Nursing assistant student to learn methods to deal with triage and emergencies, which may be required in certain situations.

Nutrition and the feeding of patients is taught through the program including basic nutrition, the requirements for certain ages and illnesses and methods to increase nutrition, as well as signs of malnutrition and lessons to increase the health of individuals with poor nutrition.

The management of bodily fluids in a health care situation enables the nursing assistant to learn the process of managing and disposing of bodily fluids in a hygienic manner to protect themselves, the patient and other people in the vicinity.

Medical terminology is learned through the course of the program to enable the nursing assistant to converse with Nurses and Doctors, as well as other members of the health care team and understand the terms that are being used.

Finally, charting is learned to allow the nursing student to make use of charts to record information about the patient and record the aspects of patient care.

Although there may be slight changes that can be seen through the course of each program, these are the requirements that are valid through each nursing program. Knowing the information that needs to be learned can be an effective way to ensure that the class is entered by a prepared student.

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