Basic Online CNA Class Requirements

Online learning is growing increasingly popular for students that find themselves unable to leave the work force to attend school. Through the many options that are available online to begin a new career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) there are minimum requirements that can be seen through every program.

Requirements to participate in a CNA program

The requirements for a student to participate within a CNA program include:

  • The student must be eighteen at the time of the beginning of the class and eligible to take part in written exams
  • The student must have no felonies prior to the certification
  • The student is required to have internet access to ensure that they can access the information that is being presented through the course of the classes
  • The patient must be fluent in both speaking and understanding, as well as writing in English

Each student must be available to complete the sixteen hours of CNA training time that must take place through a local hospital or health facility. This training is mandatory and before the session, the student must take into account this information and research the various facilities where this training can be completed.

Prior to taking part in the CNA program, or even registering for the program, the student should ensure that these requirements are met. Seventy five hours of class learning time are included in the program. There are two types of schedules that the student can make use of, either adhering to specific schedules through the course and meeting deadlines for assignments, as well as completion or open-ended schedules that allow the student to complete the program at their convenience.

Researching a program before enrollment is an effective way to ensure that you are able to complete the program successfully and a way to ensure that you have the tools required for the career that is being trained for.

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