CNA Training Program Opportunities in Denver

Do you enjoy helping take care of people who are unable to take care of themselves? CNAs are certified nursing assistants who take on the valiant job of assisting nurses by taking care of patient’s basic needs such as taking a bath, eating and grooming. They work in places like nursing homes, hospitals or home nursing care situations.

How To Become A CNA in Colorado

You can become a CNA by taking a CNA training program for six to 12 weeks and by passing the certification exam at the end. Classes are not expensive and generally cost between $400 to $800 and there may be financial assistance or free classes available for those who qualify.

Many Denver CNA programs offer scholarships or financial aid to qualified students to defray the cost of the course. There are also some potential employers that will pay for the course if you agree to take a job with them after you graduate.

CNA Requirements in Denver

Training starts about every six to eight weeks in the Denver area at some CNA training facilities, while others schedule classes on a semester basis and only start every three or four months. It all depends on where you choose to take your CNA classes. No matter where you choose to take the classes, they will consist of both classroom and clinical experiences, followed by a certification test at the end.

Some of the possible locations for classes in the Denver area are community colleges, community health institutes, education centers, nursing homes, universities, and other medical facilities.

Once you have finished the courses and taken the CNA certification exam, you must get you fingerprints taken and submit to a background check, as the state of Colorado requires that a state and federal background check be done before someone can get a job in the state as a CNA. You must also have had a negative TB test within the past 6 months and proof of all state required immunizations.

Classes in Colorado last eight to 13 weeks and students end up with 75 hours of CNA course work and 100 hours of clinical rotation. After students pass the certification exam, they are placed on the Colorado Nurse Aide Registry.

Once all of this has been completed, you will be eligible to take on a paid position in the state as a CNA.

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