CNA Training: Continuing Education to an RN

Rather than attending an expensive university or nursing college, there are options that are available to students that are in the working world or students that would like to study part time to make their way into the field of nursing to bridge the education into three programs, or three certifications – part time, rather than one certification full-time.

Ways to enter the nursing career

There are three steps that can be taken to make your way into the nursing world. The first step is to become a CNA (certified nursing assistant). The next step is to continue the education and become an LPN (licensed practical nurse) and once you have reached this point you can choose to continue the education to become a registered nurse.

Registered lab classes to become a CNA

Although there are very few CNA lab classes that must be registered in to become a CNA there are a variety of laboratory classes and studies that have to be completed through a local college or teaching program in the case that you decide to upgrade the education to an LPN and a higher amount of these classes in which instruction is given from other nurses and instructors in various things like blood draw and measuring various aspects of physical exam.

In some distance programs that are available to choose from – especially those that are offered online; you can find a way to work these laboratory classes in with your current schedule with your employer or education. Many times, there are blocks of the lab classes that are offered over a period of one to two weeks that can allow you to create a schedule accordingly and complete the theory of these classes prior to the laboratory classes being required.

Prior to these upgrades being registered for, most programs require the student to take and pass successfully a basic anatomy and physiology class to ensure that there is a background available through the body and the bodily systems to allow for easier teaching through the nursing program. Most often, there are two levels of anatomy that must be passed, before the student is eligible for the upgrades.

Making the decision to continue the education and upgrade to become an RN has many benefits. Aside from the drastic increase in salary, there are a higher level of jobs and increased opportunities that can come about from the training.

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