CNA Classes in Indianapolis, IN

Becoming a CNA is an excellent career choice for those interested in careers that are emotionally fulfilling and lucrative at the same time. To become a CNA in the state of Indiana, you need to complete the training stipulated by Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH).

There are several options available for getting the required CNA training; some even offer free CNA training if you intend to work with them; but tuition normally goes from $400 to $700 for the totality of the course. You will also be required to invest in the examination fee, but this is a career that typically pays anywhere between $18000 to $31000 an year.

The skills you will learn when undergoing CNA training in Indiana

The state of Indiana has guidelines about the course standards required and the length of training.
To be able to obtain certification, you will need to:

  • Successfully provide for the daily care, comfort, safety and health needs of the residents, which include:
  • Bathing, dressing, grooming and feeding.
  • Transferring and ambulating patients with care.
  • Communicate and actively listen.
  • Being able to create a positive home-like environment.
  • Offer emotional support and work with the family.
  • Follow infection control practices.
  • Maintain a clean and safe environment.
  • Perform procedures correctly (as taught and mandated by ISDH).
  • Observe and report any changes in the resident’s appearance, behavior, or mood.
  • Determine measurements accurately (temperature, pulse, respirations, blood pressure, weight, intake, output and food consumption).
  • Assist the nurse during treatments, medical procedures and emergencies.

Duration of training

The training to become a CNA in Indiana requires 30 hours of classroom training, along with 75 hours of clinical duty. The total length of the course is 105 hours and the final evaluation takes into account a written exam and evaluates competency in a practical environment. You will also need to pass a physical examination including chest X-Rays, and undergo a criminal history check. Once you have successfully completed these steps, you will be able to register as a CNA in the state of Indiana.

The standard written information of the course is available online, but practical hours and proper registration are still required to obtain certification which is why attending a registered health facility that offers CNA training is the best option.

Where to get employment

Most of the schools that offer free CNA training or paid training will hire you upon completion of the course. Others do not offer steady employment but do keep you as an intern for a short time as compensation. The courses that require payment and those that do not offer permanent employment will allow you to apply for positions in care homes, hospitals in Indianapolis or nearby cities.

Schools in Indianapolis that provide CNA training

  1. Advanced Healthcare Vocational Institute
  2. Indiana Home Health Career Center
  3. Indiana Nursing Academy
  4. Nurse Aide Training Center Inc.
  5. The Urban Medical Institute

Approach local hospitals and care homes so you can learn more about their respective CNA programs.

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