Certified Nursing Assistants Courses in Palo Alto, CA

An emotionally fulfilling and financially stable job is what certified nursing assistants (CNAs) is all about. A CNA has an extraordinary opportunity to serve and help taking care of the elderly and the sick. A CNA gets the chance to create a positive impression in a patient’s life. They are responsible for the basic care that is given to the patients such as bathing, grooming, moving bedridden patients and feeding, regularly monitoring their vital signs This results in developing a strong emotional bondage with them which makes it all the more desirable as a career choice.

Schools offering CNA courses in Palo Alto

Some most frequently chosen Institutes for CNA training:

  •  Bay Area College of Nursing
  •  American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training course
  •  Right At Home, Home Healthcare
  •  Starlight Care Givers, Inc.
  •  Keiser University also provides Distant Online Classes.

There are many options available to obtain an essential CNA training. A normal tuition fees ranges won’t cost more than $700 for the entire course, and there is only profit from the course, as the employment opportunity is high with an average annual salary of $36,000. All you need is to get into a good school and if you enrol into a Nursing school, an added advantage would be that licensing and OJT both will be available.

Duration of the Course

The course is 150 hours of classroom training and around 6-12 weeks of OJT from a certified institution, after the completion of which you will be able to appear for the license exam.

The requirements for License

1. You must have completed a high school or a General Education Development certificate before enrolling to CNA course. At the same time writing and speaking skills in English are highly necessary
2. Successfully passing any of the course training programs that are accredited by the Dept. of Health Services. The Department can also provide you with information about low fees or free programs for the same course in California.
3. No criminal History.
4. Pass a health test and cleared a competency exam along with 8 weeks of OJT in any clinical facility or hospital followed by which you will be enrolled in DHS registry. As a trainee you will learn under the guidance of medical staff. Important skills and responsibilities like feeding, bathing, grooming, dressing and moving them under supervision of the nursing staff, will be taught at these trainings.

Skills you will Learn

200 hours of the CNAs trained in Palo Alto will teach you the following skills

ü Basic nursing skills
ü Anatomy and Physiology
ü Infection and disease control
ü patient’s rights
ü Mental health and Social Service Needs
ü Emergency medical procedures.
ü Care of Cognitively Impaired Residents
ü Personal Hygienic skills
ü Bathing, grooming, dressing and moving of patients
ü Documentation
ü Regularly monitoring the vital signs of the patients
ü Meeting the daily nutritional requirements of patients
ü Assisting nurse during treatments and doctors in case of emergencies.

Apart from this it is also necessary that you have good communication skills and also be caring and tolerant by nature.

Employment Opportunities

Apart from being a lucrative job, it is also the first step towards becoming a registered nurse. There are innumerable job opportunities for you in the health sector in California that will accept your services like hospitals, therapy centres, rehabilitation centres, and private clinics. You could also apply to any of the staffing agencies that after a general screening will offer opportunities as and when they arise and you could work at one or more Institutes.

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