A Certified Nurse Assistant Career is the First Step towards a Successful Career as a Registered Nurse

If you’re contemplating about a career as a registered nurse (RN), starting out as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) is a wise choice that provides many learning opportunities. CNA jobs are stable, secure and provide a steady pay check. Medical careers are going to be one of the hottest careers in the future for a long time. As the American population lives longer, it simultaneously creates the need for more employees in the healthcare field. Elderly patients consistently need long-term care in nursing homes and assisted living apartments, as living in their own homes become unsafe; and patients need care for diseases which are commonly associated with the aging process, such as diabetes, arthritis and osteoporosis. CNAs and RNs are in demand to fill positions to care for this growing population and others in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities.

CNAs gain invaluable experience

Working as a CNA exposes you to a world of invaluable healthcare experience. As you work under supervision of a registered nurse, you’ll have the opportunity to observe and assist with medical procedures you, yourself will one day perform as an RN. Taking care of patients who have a variety of injuries and diseases increases your knowledge base and gives you a solid foundation to build upon. CNAs learn good bedside manner which is a must in nursing and how to professionally communicate with patients in a caring way. They also learn how to care for patients by providing personal care.

You’ll develop a good knowledge base

While in a CNA program, you’ll learn how to bath, dress and feed patients. You’ll also learn how to perform other procedures which fall into a CNAs scope of practice, such as taking vital signs and applying certain types of prescription creams to patients’ bodies. CNAs work very closely with patients and develop a close relationship with them. Because of this they know when something isn’t right with their patients and report changes in health status to a registered nurse. Having this experience develops a sense of insightfulness, which comes in handy when working as a registered nurse.

How to become a CNA

Research hospitals, long-term care facilities and community colleges to see if they offer a CNA program. Make sure the program you choose is approved by your state board of nursing and has a schedule that meets your needs. Many hospital and nursing homes offer to pay for tuition if students work for a year at their facility after graduating and passing the state board exam. This is one of the best ways to become a CNA course since the course is paid for and you’ll gain excellent experience in their healthcare facility while learning and working. Whichever program you choose, know that working as a CNA is the start of an exciting career with chances for multiple career advancements. Cherish your time working as a CNA, because the experience you gain will definitely make you an excellent registered nurse.

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