Getting CNA Training in Charlotte, NC – The First Step to Success

CNA Training is the first step you have to make if you want to become a certified nursing assistant. While CNA Training might cost you a bit, it is a great investment to make today for your future. Besides the fair payment ($24,000 – $32,000/ year), this career will bring you the satisfaction of having a very well-respected place in society and the great joy of getting to help people in need.

Furthermore, many institutions and hospitals in Charlotte, NC may agree to sponsor your training, as the state of North Carolina is facing a shortage of nursing professionals. In such cases, you don’t have to pay anything for the training, but would need to sign a contract in lieu that you would be working for them for an agreed period of time after you finish your training.

What Skills Will you Earn by Undergoing CNA Training?

Some of the skills you will learn (and, eventually earn) by attending CNA courses are as follows:

  • Nursing skills
  • Patient care skills
  • Diagnosis skills
  • Emergency treatment
  • Laboratory actions
  • Human behavior knowledge
  • Anatomy knowledge
  • Infection control knowledge
  • Nutrition knowledge

So, How Long Does it Take to Become a CNA?

Becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant might take a few months or less, depending both on the program offered by a specific state/ adult school and on your schedule. In North Carolina, the state requires the potential candidates to undergo 75 hours of training and to pass the final examination (in NC, this is organized by Pearson VUE, and you may get a candidate’s handbook to find out more about the entire process).

Regardless of the school you are going to attend, there are several things the state of North Carolina requires you to prove before entering the training:

  • The CNA training program MUST be accepted by the state of North Carolina
  • Criminal record credentials
  • Fingerprint details
  • English language aptitude (writing, speaking,  and reading)

Some of the institutes offering CNA training in Charlotte, NC are as follows:

American Academy of Healthcare

501 Executive Center Drive, Suite 215, Charlotte, NC 28212

# (704) 525-3500

Brookstone College of Business

10125 Berkeley Place Drive, Charlotte, NC 28262

# (704) 547 -8600

Divine Health Academy

7516 E Independence Expy, Charlotte, NC 28227

# (704) 566-2955

Nurse Aide Institute of Excellence

5100 Reagan Dr #6, Charlotte, NC 28206

# (704) 509-4714

Serenity Nurse Aide Academy

6636 E WT Harris Blvd, Suite E, Charlotte, NC 28215

# (704) 567-8000/567-9199

Although you will have to invest time (and money) into undergoing CNA training courses, the results will eventually pay off, as the top 10% of the Certified Nursing Assistants are expected to earn more than $34,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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