How much do Certified Nursing Assistant’s Make?

Many people are concerned about the wages that are going to be earned through the choice of their career as a CNA and therefore make the decision about whether the career is going to be pursued based on the information that is presented. Becoming a certified nursing assistant is no different and it can be helpful to determine what types of wages are going to be earned

Your Salary as a Certified CNA

The big question is, how much will you make as a CNA? Well, there are a variety of payment schedules that can be seen from a CNA and the rate of pay can depend on the place where the certified nursing assistant has been hired to work. These rates of pay can vary also, through the location where the person has chosen to work, as there are certain locations through the country in which the rates of pay are increased, or decreased due to the earnings and the cost of living through the areas.

Taking this information into account, it’s safe to say that a CNA will earn an average of anywhere between twelve to eighteen dollars per hour, depending on the location and the environment in which the individual has chosen to work.

Ways to increase the salary of a CNA

There are many things that can be done to increase the amount of money that can be potentially earned while working as a certified nursing assistant, including making use of additional education and making use of CNA training programs that allow the individual to receive specialized certifications to increase the skills of the nurse. Through these specialized training programs, the nurse can increase her knowledge and skills base and therefore increase the demand of the wage that can be earned while taking part in her daily job.

Many times, these specialized training programs and seminars are paid for by the employer and therefore can be a great way to save money while increasing the earning potential of the employee.

While considering a position, it is important to also consider any overtime or bonuses that are being offered through the term of employment to supplement or increase the income that can be seen.

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    this is of course unless u live in the cheapest state there is i have been a cna for 9 yrs and make 9.50

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