CNA Training and Employment in Boston, Massachusetts

Finding employment in the medical profession in Boston, Massachusetts, is slightly easier than other formal fields of employment, and job security is better on average. Doing a CNA training course is the first step for many people wanting to work their way up in the professional health care. Studying to be a doctor or surgeon is not something that all people can afford to do, nor is everyone suited for that kind of job.

What you can Earn as a CNA in Boston, Massachusetts

Nursing is a good professions to be in, if you are passionate about caring for people. There is plenty of scope for improving your skills and earning potential, if you are diligent. Bear in mind that being a qualified CNA is considered to be entry-level in the health care industry. In Boston, you can expect to earn between $13 and $18 per hour. This all depends the institution you work in, and on overtime and length of employment. Per year, you can expect to earn between $29,000 and $37,000. If you treat your CNA job as a stepping stone to becoming a fully-qualified nurse, or a more specialized medical professional, then the starting salary is not so bad.

What CNA Training Costs in Boston

In comparison to other health care professions, CNA training is short and not all that expensive. If you are able to save up enough money to attend an accredited college, or the Red Cross Hospital CNA training course, then you can be qualified within four to six weeks. Courses start between $600 and $900, and the price differences depend on how much in-service training is included (above the minimum required hours) and on how many extra expenses are involved. For instance, the course may only cost $600, but you may need to buy text books, studying media and things like uniforms or consumables.

There are many ways of lessening the final cost of CNA training. Human Services and other community-based organizations have programs that help you pay for your completed CNA course. Employers can also reimburse you a fixed amount, or percentage of your tuition fees, once you have qualified. Some employers will pay for your course up front, and you pay them back once you are working. This makes it easier to start work in this profession, without prior experience, or large amounts of money available for studying.

Where to Go for CNA Training in Boston

Some schools offer CNA training classes every six to eight weeks, while others will offer one class per semester, so you will only have two chances per year to join those.

There are many institutions that offer full CNA training in and around Boston. The American Red Cross CNA Training programs are run at the following Red Cross locations:

  • Cambridge Headquarter Central, 139 Main Street, Cambridge
  • North Melrose, 786 Main Street, Melrose
  • South Quincy, 1495 Hancock Street, Quincy
  • MetroWest Waltham, 863 to 867 Main Street, Waltham
  • North Peabody, 85 Lowel Street, Peabody
  • Southeast Brockton, 281 Pleasant Street, Brockton

Requirements for CNA Training and Qualification in Boston

There are no federal requirements that enforce a minimum of a GED, in order to start CNA training. These kinds of rules vary from state to state, and are also dependent on individual employers. Some employers need a minimum of Grade 10 High School, to begin CNA training. Almost all employers will have strict rules concerning criminal histories and drug use amongst CNA training candidates.

The number of hours and course content varies between employers, but make sure that your course is valid for the state of Massachusetts, before parting with any money, or signing any binding work-for-learning contract.

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