CNA Programs in Aurora, IL

For someone wishing to enter the medical field in a timely, expeditious manner without undergoing expansive amounts of debt, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is often the best route. Becoming a CNA can serve as a springboard for those interested in furthering their career in the medical field; CNA’s can go on to become various technicians, medical assistants, therapists, or even registered nurses. Especially for those who are unsure of what particular medical field they would like to pursue, becoming a CNA is often the best, most viable option.

According to federal and state laws, anyone wishing to become a Certified Nursing Assistant must receive training from an approved postsecondary CNA program, such as from a vocational school or community college. For enrollment eligibility to most schools, students must have received their high school diploma or GED equivalent, and earned satisfactory scores on state standardized tests. Furthermore, they are generally required to receive CPR training, as well as to pass certain health tests, such as tuberculosis screening and proper vaccinations. After finishing an approved program, students must register with the state and pass a written competency exam, which can also be taken by aspiring RN’s and LVN’s.

In Aurora, IL, there are a variety of Certified Nursing Assistant programs at various technical school in the area. Waubonsee Community College, which has campuses in Aurora, Copley, and Plano, offers CNA courses during almost all hours of the day, and even during the weekends, in an effort to satisfy the needs of their constituents. After students complete this program, they have the option of going on to take classes in the patient care technician program or taking noncredit courses through the Workforce Development Program.

Another college in the Aurora area with a Medical Assisting program is Westwood College. This degree, which is offered both on campus and online CNA Classes, focuses on hands-on training and offers both a diploma and an associate’s degree. Course topics at Westwood College include patient relations, phlebotomy, medical insurance, minor surgical procedures, and medical terminology.

Robert Morris University, which is primarily located in Chicago, but which has a campus near Aurora, and Aurora University both have nursing programs as well, although they primarily offer degrees in Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.N.A.). This degree, although it takes several years longer than a CNA, offers students a wider variety of career options post-graduation.

Another college in the area with a campus in Aurora, IL is Rasmussen College, which offers degrees in a primarily online environment to students who may be unable to commute to classes.

As can be seen, there are a variety of locations from which an interested party can obtained CNA certificate. Becoming a CAN is a great stepping-stone into the medical field, although it can also be a good spot to remain if one is not interested in further education, although one should consider that the average CNA makes between $8.00 and $14.50 per hour, as compared with a Registered Nurse, which makes an average hourly wage between $19.50 and $36.50. As can be seen, the pay scale is much higher for RN’s; however, being a CNA is a very respectable and necessary positions, as students will at least have very little difficulty finding a career position with such a high-demand degree in such a demanding field.

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