CNA Classes in Palm Springs, CA

Certified Nursing Assistants provide nursing care in conjunction with and under the guidance of licensed nursing staff, such as registered nurses. CNA’s are an important and interdisciplinary support to the medical team as they are able to assist nursing and medical staff with the high demands of health care. CNAs adhere to established protocols within their scope to provide ancillary support that include tasks such as obtaining vital signs of patients, providing bath and linen changes, and accurately recording patients’ intake and output. CNA’s are generally regarded as functional and purposeful team members within the various health care facilities. Both inpatient and outpatient opportunities are available for CNAs, offering flexibility in your career path.

The state of California offers a variety of rigorously prepared programs, all in strict adherence to state-wide CNA guidelines. Students learn in a challenging and realistic environment through both didactic learning and tangible, hands-on experiences. Core curriculum offers the student with the evidence-based information and individualized teaching for the ultimate learning experience. Students are well-equipped to take the certification exam and begin their rewarding career as a certified nursing assistant.

When considering a career as a certified nursing assistant, it is important to know that preliminary admission requirements apply, which include pre-screening and background check. A health history and physical exam are necessary to get started, ensuring adequate health and free of infectious diseases. A training course from a certified school and then a certified standardized exam are necessary in the certification process. The admission process in to ensure that certifications are given to those who qualify and are prepared to take the examination.

If you are interested in a CNA program in the greater Palm Springs and surrounding areas, then there are several outstanding colleges to choose. Each school is committed and dedicated to prepare you in your understanding and comprehension of medical terminology, basic medical procedures, patient care, and nursing process. Colleges include: California Nurses Educational Institute in Palm Springs, CA; Mission Career Collage in Riverside, CA, Best American Health care University in Riverside, CA; Copper Mountain Campus In Joshua Tree, CA; and Victor Valley College in Victorville, CA. Contact the human resources department from your college of choice for more information on how to get started earning your certification. There are many other colleges outside of Palm Springs that will accommodate you and provide you with the education and tools needed to become a certified nursing assistant. These schools are located strategically throughout California, including the San Francisco bay area and coastal regions.

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