CNA Courses and Certification in Corona, CA

A Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA, is a healthcare paraprofessional who helps provide care to many different patients in various healthcare settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, outpatient care centers, and private homes. A CNA usually works under the supervision of a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse. He or she commonly assists patients with eating, dressing, physical activities, and personal hygiene tasks. He or she helps lift patients using specialized equipment. A CNA also completes basic nursing tasks, such as taking and recording vital signs, recording fluid intake and output, monitoring patient behavior, and preparing patients for medical procedures. Administrative tasks are required for some CNAs, like stocking medical equipment and supplies, answering phone calls, doing laundry, and cleaning rooms.

Training Requirements

To work as a CNA, an individual must complete nursing assistant training at an educational facility approved by the state of California. A minimum of 75 hours of training including classroom instruction and supervised clinical experiences and receiving a passing score on a written and practical state examination is required to become a licensed CNA. Individuals who are licensed have the ability to work at a wide range of medical facilities in California. Vocational and technical schools, community colleges, and some medical facilities commonly offer CNA programs. The programs can be completed in as little as six weeks, although some may take up to 40 weeks. Tuition for these programs varies and financial aid may be available for qualifying students.

Healthcare in Corona, CA

In Corona, the healthcare industry is the most common field for females, with 13 percent employed. Hospitals are among the major employers of healthcare workers and the Corona Regional Medical Center is the largest hospital in the city. Other medical centers near Corona include Chino Valley Medical Center, Western Medical Center Santa Ana, and Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center.

Working as a CNA in California

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the state of California employs about 107,950 nursing assistants and the average annual salary as of May 2011 was $28,990. In the city of Corona, the average annual salary is $28,000, as reported by Indeed.com.

State-Approved CNA Training in Corona, CA

Pleasant Care Convalescent HospitalĀ 
1400 Circle City Drive
Corona, CA 91719

Corona Regional Medical Center
730 Magnolia Avenue
Corona, CA 91719

Life Care Center of Corona
2600 South Main Street
Corona, CA 91720

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