CNA Classes and Guide in Ontario, CA

Like a lot of people, you may be fascinated by the job growth in the health care industry. Not only is the industry generating a high demand for many jobs, it has created several new lines of work for people who do not have the higher education and advanced training that doctors and nurses have. That is why there are so many schools that offer training for CNAs in the Ontario, CA area.

Not long ago, most medical professionals working in a hospital environment were doctors, nurses and students who were training to become one or the other. Now there are a number of entry-level positions which do not require nearly as much training but offer employees unique opportunities to work in health care. Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) work in these roles. These employees provide critical support for doctors and nurses during the day-to-day work of a medical center.

What Is a CNA?

A certified nursing assistant provides aid to nurses in a hospital setting. Often, this means doing menial work and freeing up nurses to focus on responsibilities that require their licensure and education. These tasks may include cleaning, changing beds and communicating with patients about basic needs that are not related to medical conditions. Contrary to the image that the name suggests, a CNA is not in a stage of nursing school. In fact, many people become CNAs and never become nurses, though many student nurses become CNAs to prepare themselves for their future careers.

What Kind of Classes Do You Take to Become a CNA?

It usually takes at least a few weeks of full-time training to earn a certificate that allows you to work as a CNA in most states. These classes will teach first aid and CPR as well as basic information about human biology. Usually, you must also prove that you have a clean criminal record by acquiring a fingerprint card from the state. You must also demonstrate basic physical ability to prove that you can take on the frequently physical tasks assigned to a CNA.

Three CNA Schools in the Ontario Area

If you want to begin training in the Ontario CA area, consider one of the three following schools.

• Franklin Career College is located on Slater Circle right in Ontario itself.
• Universal Healthcare Systems, Inc. offers classes in CNA training on East Holt Blvd in Ontario as well.
• The American Red Cross also trains CNAs with the Inland Empire Chapter Nurse Aide Course on West Rialto Avenue in San Bernardino, not far from Ontario.

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