What are the main duties of a CNA?

The duties of CNAs and their responsibilities vary according to the nature and place of work and the state in which they live. Many laws of liability and responsibility are stipulated to cover the imperative duties of a CNA.

Management of the patient’s daily routines

When you’re pursuing the formal education and practical CNA training you will be learning about your state’s laws and how they apply to your functioning as a CNA. The first obligation of a CNA is the patient or client. You, as a CNA, will usually be responsible for the management of the patient’s daily routines. This becomes particularly important in the care of elderly patients in extended care facilities and nursing homes.

Carry out the assignments where you’re employed

Your second obligation is to carry out the assignments as well as the objectives of the institution where you’re employed. Many nursing schools incorporate intensive training and orientation programs which surpass the requirements of the employers.

Your third obligation is to perform the duties of a CNA in the manner you were educated and trained. This is your major obligation which can be very satisfying and rewarding.

Ensure the protection of the patient’s rights

One of the main responsibilities of a CNA is to ensure the protection of the patient’s rights, such as their right of privacy, their right to receive or refuse treatment, their right of information regarding healthcare program/treatment, and their right of inclusion in the healthcare program.

As the nurses aren’t likely to spend much time with the patients, the CNA has to act on their behalf. Some of the duties of a CNA are keeping a close watch over the patients, responding to emergency situations, and monitoring of vital symptoms.

These duties involve the recording of temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiration, and pain levels. You will have to help patients eat their food, and also tend their hair and make their bed.

While the duties of a CNA are numerous and also the responsibility is great and challenging, the rewards will be satisfying and exciting.

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