Jobs as a CNA

Finding a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant is getting easier by the day, as the United States Department of Labor has predicted that nursing jobs as a CNA will proceed to grow at a quick rate up to and through the year 2016. Jobs in the CNA nursing field can be located in numerous different types of health care facilities, from medical centers, to nursing homes, to hospitals, or even a private residence. The ability of a CNA to offer the baseline services to individuals makes them highly qualified and able to give care to acute care patients, as well as patients who have some type of long-term health issue that will require extended and constant care for years to come.

Basic duties and functions of a CNA

The basic duties and functions that will come as part of a CNA nursing job will include the monitoring of a patient’s vital signs and status, assisting in feeding and cleansing those they have been assigned to care for, aiding patients with daily exercise, as well as some day to day chores like shopping for groceries or cleaning up. As you can probably tell by now, a job as a CNA nurse will often be extremely diverse in nature and require an astute level of communication skills and basic nursing knowledge in order to be done properly.

Average salary of a CNA

Typically, a job as a CNA nurse will come with a salary in the $10-$12 per hour range, and the position will cover a broad gamut of patients and patient’s needs that a CNA will tend to. A CNA nursing job is often a jumping off point for an individual with a goal towards furthering their nursing skills and training. This can be a beginning for a Certified Nursing Assistant in their pursuit towards acquiring a license as a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse. Seeking out those next levels of training would expand the opportunities of a CNA even further in the rewarding and constantly growing health care field.

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