How to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant?

Am I qualified?

If you want to be a nursing assistant, it is important that you have the passion when it comes to helping people. More often than not, new CNAs become so overwhelmed with the number of tasks at hand thus resulting to dismay and frustration. Being a CNA can be a very daunting job. But if you really have the heart and the desire to do this, you would find it very rewarding after a long tiring day. This is definitely not the career for you if you just want to be a CNA for the sake of paying your bills.

How can I be a Certified Nurse Assistant?

The requirements actually vary from one state to another. You have to check with your local state about the time needed for your training, the different kinds of tests, and let them know about the environment that you want to work in. If you want to know the specific details, you can always visit contact the State Nurse Aide Registry or the State Licensing Board as well. You may also visit the website of the Directory of Nursing Agencies so you will know about the CNA classes and other training programs that you should complete.

But the mentioned names are not the only agencies that you should go to. There are other more places to ask about the requirements such as Home Health Aides, Patient Care Technicians, and many others. Once you got a job at the healthcare facility of your choice, you should submit yourself drug tests and even a background check as well.

If you have the proper training, it would be very easy for you to land a job as a CNA. There are also some nursing homes that gives you free training or would pay you while you train with them. Usually, it is offered to those who are willing to train fulltime for about six weeks. You also have more alternatives as well which includes a training with the Red Cross or with your local community college. Prepare at least $300 up to $600 and these trainings usually last for 6 months. Although this would take longer, you will get more experience and become more confident in doing your job. Do not forget to take the necessary tests to certify that you are already qualified to be a nurse assistant.

The written test is easier compared to the clinical tests. According to the CNA reports, many flunk their clinical tests because of nervousness. Since you will be required to perform some of the safety measures, you must always remember all the things that learned from your training. Little things such as knocking the door before you open, introducing yourself to the patient, and carefully raising the bed rails are just some of the basic nursing etiquettes that count.

Which is the best place for me to work?

If you can’t decide about the good place to apply your CNA training, you can always check out some of the websites catered specially for nursing-related jobs. From there, you will know about the facilities that they have and how they were graded for the past few inspections. It is important that you screen and compare the nursing facilities first before you apply. Surely, you know friends or family members who are working as CNAs as well. There are also thousands of Home Care Agencies that you can talk to. Listen to their orientation and the services provided by the nursing facility of your choice.

Big demand for CNAs

Not everybody can work as a nursing assistant. That is why so many care facilities are having a hard time getting and retaining staff that are really qualified to do the job. This is the main reason why there is a shortage of CNAs in United States alone. Moreover, with all the tasks and stressful job, the pay scale is not as big as you think. However, because there are more and more elders who need the care of CNAs, there are more and more opportunities that are open for nursing assistants today.

So when you are already a CNA, be proud that you have this kind of job. You may not wear coats, ties, and other formal blacks and whites but you are still considered as a professional who is vital to the health care industry.

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