CNA Training Opportunities in Detroit, Michigan

If you are planning on living and working in the Detroit, Michigan area and want to get Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training there, then you will need to know the requirements for becoming a CNA in Michigan. There are several state approved programs in this area and this article will help you to know the steps to getting certified so you can get a CNA job in Detroit.

What is required to become a CNA in Detroit, Michigan?

Every one of the 50 states in the U.S. is required to regulate their own in-state CNA training curriculum. In Michigan, this is done by the Michigan Department of Community Health, who then approves the CNA schools in the Detroit area.

The Michigan program requires between 75 and 90 hours of training, completion of classroom education in 51 different skills sets, and appropriate training in a clinical setting as well. Some of the skills that are to be learned include the rights of patients, care of mental health patients, how to do restorative care, how to help with patient mobility, and classes in anatomy and physiology.

The clinical training in the Detroit area CNA facilities put their students working with licensed nurses at long term care facilities in the area. They get hands on training that will prepare them to be able to pass the requirements of the Michigan state certification test.

It usually takes four to six weeks to get the required CNA training in Michigan before you can take the certification test. After the classes are completed and the test is passed, the person is placed on the CNA registry and they are legal to get a job in Detroit or anywhere else in the state of Michigan.

CNA Certification Laws in Detroit

First, you must attend classes at an accredited CNA school and then the Michigan state certification test must be passed, as well as a criminal investigation and back ground check. If you are certified somewhere other than in Michigan, then you are allowed to request a waiver of the requirement to do your training over again in a Michigan approved location.

What is the Cost of CNA classes in Detroit, Michigan?

The costs for CNA training in Michigan vary, but those at vocational colleges can cost somewhere between $400 and $800. This may or may not be all inclusive, as some places have additional charges for things like supplies, books or other things you will need during the course. If you need refresher CNA classes, they cost around $200 in Detroit.

It is possible to get help with the cost of the course tuition in Detroit by going through Human Services or other agencies. Plus, if you have employment lined up, the employer may also agree to pay for your classes or they may reimburse you if you agree to work for them after graduation and certification.

CNA Training Schools in Detroit, Michigan

Some of the Detroit schools for potential CNA students are: Evert Institute, Precise Health Care Training Institute, Career Essentials Learning Center Nurse Aide Training Program, Career Works, and the Hazy Institute of Learning.

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