CNA Recertification Process Helps You Keep Your Job

If you are currently a CNA and have been in the practice for two years, then it’s now time to renew your CNA certification. Recertification is required to be done every two years on the last day of your birth month.

Requirements For Recertification

To be eligible for recertification you have to have at least 150 hours of clinical work under your belt, depending on which state your certification is going to be in. Check with your area to see the exact requirements, as some require as many as 200 hours. You also have to produce documentation showing you are a US citizen or are allowed to work in the US.

If you have ever had a felony, you also have to declare this information to the state board of nursing or you will no longer be able to be a certified CNA.

Application Process for Recertification

You and your current employer must fill out the appropriate recertification forms and show the 150 hours worked and all other appropriate info. Then it gets mailed to the state board and it normally takes up to two weeks for the renewal to come. If for some reason you haven’t worked for over two years, you may have to do your CNA training all over again, depending on the requirements in the state you are going to work.

If for some reason it’s been five or more years since you worked, you will definitely be required to take your training and test all over again. This is why it is very important to stay in a job and not wait so long in-between.

Depending on the state, some will just make you take the certification test and not the training. Either way, you must pay your state fees and test fees. Any recertification you require can be downloaded from the state board’s websites.

All in all, CNA work is an important job where you take care of patient’s needs and help people. If that’s the thing that you love, then work hard, complete your training and certification and don’t let it lapse.

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