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There are several careers to pursue within the health care field. Each career is unique, with certain training requirements and duties. But, each career is vital in maintaining patient comfort and health. One critical career position within health care is that of a CNA(Certified Nursing Assistant).Cna training

Oftentimes called nursing aides or medical assistants, CNA’s aidRN’s (Registered Nurses or LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurses) with care of the patients. Specific tasks of Certified Nursing Assistants differ depending on where he or she works. But, Certified Nursing Assistants are oftentimes charged with offeringone-on-one care of patients, including aiding patients with dressing, grooming, bathing and eating. At times, Certified Nursing Assistants are additionally needed to make beds and serve meals for the patients. They might additionally handle taking temperatures, checking pulses and taking a patients’ blood pressure. Every one of their tasks will be done underneath the authority of nurses that are more highly trained, like Licensed Practical Nurses or Registered Nurses.

Pay Rates

The average hourly rate for a CNA was $11.50 within the Spring of 2017, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average yearly salary was $23,920. The lowest 10% of employees within the field made less than $9 an hour. The ones who were paid the highest, accounting for the highest 10% of nursing aides, were paid about $15 for every hour of work.

Timing Frame

The hourly pay rate for CNA’s rises with the length of time upon a job, according to PayScale. For CNA’s with less than one year of experience, the median hourly pay rate was around $9.72 in December of 2008. Of those with twenty years or beyond of experience, the median pay rate was $12.20. The average annual salary for a Certified Nursing Assistant ranges between $23,663 to $29,801, according to All Allied Health School.


In order to be qualified to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant, an individual needs to possess a minimum of seventy-five hours of CNA training which has been approved by the state she or he is planning to work. She or he needs to then complete and pass the competency test. When the Certified Nursing Assistant certification and training are finished, an individual is provided the title of Certified Nursing Assistant and a has a listing upon the nursing assistants registry which is maintained by his or her particular state.

Places to Obtain Certification and Training

An individual might receive a CNA certification within different settings. For instance, there includes a few courses an individual might take within high school, and the ones provided by vocational-technical locations. Oftentimes, community colleges provide CNA classes, and several private companies additionally provide training. An individual might even receive CNA training at a few different facilities of nursing care.

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