CNA Courses

In the United States, a CNA or a certified nurse aide degree can prove to be a very rewarding field of study to pursue. This career requires care-giving to patients needing assistance with day to day activities. Some of the responsibilities involved with being a CNA is to ambulate, comfort, feed and take vital signs just to name a few.

Jobs after completing CNA Course

CNA’s are not limited to hospitals, they have the choice of other employment locations such as rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, adult day care institutions and private individual care in homes. Finding a job in this profession is never a challenge, simply because the need for caregivers are always high in demand. A CNA is considered to be the “middle man” between a patient and their registered nurse or RN. As a CAN, it is required that you are supervised by an RN or a Practical.

Importance of CNA Course to become a CNA

To become a certified nurse aide, there are several CNA courses that are mandatory to successfully complete the degree requirements. Practical skills as well as theoretical concepts are taught in these classes. While in the classroom the theory behind CNA’s are studied and hands on experience is provided while in the labs. Upon enrolling in these courses you will be taught the importance of providing care for both the elderly and young adults. Communication skills is taught as well as taking vital signs. Also, courses are given on ensuring a patience safety, various feeding techniques depending on a patience condition and how to prevent the patient as well as yourself from contracting infections. Hygienic skills, mobility techniques which helps to prevent injury and correct body mechanics are also studied while aspiring to become a CNA.

Basic requirements to join a CNA Program

Becoming a certified nurse aide can be accomplished in two years at a community college. This degree can also be acquired at various specialized schools. However, by simply following a nurse aide training program is another way of becoming a CNA. This can be completed at a skilled nursing facility or even at a long term care facility. The requirements needed for admittance into most facilities that offer CNA classes are not as steep as other professions. You can acquire a CNA degree without possessing a GED or High School Diploma. In fact, all that is really needed is the ability to write, read, and speak the English language and perform basic math calculations. An exam, known as the TABE or Test of Adult Basic Education examination is administered to test your math and English skills. This career path is always in high demand and it pays well. Also, the requirements to obtain a certified nurse aide degree is relatively simple and it doesn’t require much time to achieve at all.

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