CNA Background Checks

Anyone who wants to get a job as a nursing assistant must understand the importance and necessary reasons for having to undergo a background check. A background check is a requirement these days for a lot of job fields, but they are especially needed for jobs in the medical field.

Safety is Number One

Hospitals and medical facilities have to keep the data on their patients safe from being stolen or used incorrectly, as well as guarantee the safety of the patients themselves. One never knows if a facility could be targeted for some sort of domestic disturbance or even a terrorist act, so the people who work there must be of good character and therefore pass a background check.

There are different kinds of background checks depending on the place that you will be working. For instance, if you plan to work in a facility that treats kids, you will have to undergo a criminal background check. This kind is also needed if you plan to work with elderly or disabled patients, because these types of people are much easier hurt or abused than some others can be and need to be protected more.

Other types of checks

A CNA or nurse assistant may also have to get background checks done on their driving records or credit checks. They would be looking for issues such as a DUI or multiple reckless driving type tickets. Plus, a credit check helps them to know how financially responsible a person is because statistics show that if a person owes a lot of money and can’t handle their own finances, that some employers believe that the person applying for the nursing assistant position is not a responsible person and could even stoop to stealing from them or cost the company millions of dollars by negligence.

Yet another type of check you could have to undergo is past employment records. This is because statistics show that many people fake their records and that up to a third of all applicants have been known to lie on their applications. These employment checks will help weed out the one that are being dishonest so the medical facility is assured of getting an honest and hard working employee.

All in all, applying for a job as a CNA or nurse assistant is not a game, it is serious business and you must be 100 percent honest in all you present to your potential employees if you plan on working in the medical field.

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  1. catherine mcdonaLD says:

    If I am facing a charge of felony delivery of marijuana would that automatically disqualify me from having a job as a CNA?

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