Becoming a CNA in Joplin, Missouri

Doctors and nurses form the backbone of a hospital staff. These medical professionals attend school for many years in order to earn the certification necessary to diagnose and treat patients. However, these individuals often depend on a strong support staff to help them make the most efficient use of their time, and maintain a high level of medical care. If you have always thought it would be interesting to work closely with health care professionals to improve the quality of life that people in your community will enjoy, it might be time for you to consider becoming a certified nursing assistant by taking one of the many certified nursing assistant classes in your immediate area. In the event that you have never heard of the certified nursing assistant classes before, you should know that they are special training programs for those who want to become certified nursing assistants. Individuals that have achieved this designation are able to provide the needed support to doctors and nurses as they help care for patients.

How to become a CNA in Joplin, Missouri?

The Department of Health and Senior Services is the department that approves the nursing assistant programs in the state of Missouri. Training programs are generally very affordable. However, the cost for a training program might still be more than you might be able to afford. Fortunately, one can find free CNA training programs if you take the time to look for them. One of the best ways to start to look for some of these free training programs is to use the Internet. You can easily start an entry-level healthcare career with a fair pay without needing to invest large sums of money for your education.

To become a certified nursing assistant in Missouri, a resident will need to complete an intensive training course of at least seventy-five (75) hours. An additional 100 hours of on the job training is also required. Certain people may not need to take these training courses. These individuals may instead choose to challenge the CNA state examinations. Anyone who has worked or taken courses in the healthcare field which consisted of certain portions of the CNA training may actually challenge the examination without taking the nursing assistant training courses. Nursing students that have completed their coursework but failed the nursing board examinations, for example, are prime candidates to challenge such an examination.

A nursing assistant from another state may only transfer their licenses or state certification if they can prove they have worked as a certified nursing assistant within the last two years, are in good standing with the nurse aide registry from the state transferring from, and have a clean criminal background. After a review, the aide may take the Missouri final certified nursing assistant examination without entrance to a state approved training program. A certificate may not be transferred without challenging the final CNA examination.

What does the Missouri State examination for CNA consist of?

The examination to become a certified nursing assistant in the state of Missouri consists of two different parts, a written and a manual skills evaluation. The student or challenger must pass both parts of the course to gain their Missouri certificate. If the student does not read well, the examiner may read the written portion of the examination to the student. State regulations require that the test be read in a neutral tone with no additional words (i.e., only those that appear on the test). If the student should fail any portion of the test, he or she may re-take that portion of the examination during the same day, provided that the examiner agrees to the student taking the test again.

Sallary of a CNA in Joplin, Missouri

The salaries for the Certified Nursing Assistant are actually very competitive in the state of Missouri, as compared to other states nearby. On the average, the median expected salary for the CNA in Joplin, Missouri is about $24,030 per annum, as of June 2011. The certified nursing assistant can, however, expect to make more if he or she wishes to be employed in the many home health programs. With these positions, some certified nursing assistants can make as much as $17.51 an hour, depending upon the area in which he or she is working and the company chosen. With the recent tornadoes that hit the area of Joplin, one can expect to be employed in the sector in many different areas, as there are many residents and patients who expect health care but, for many different reasons, cannot go to a nearby hospital to receive the basic care, such as activities of daily living.

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