A CNA’s Work Duties in a Home Health Care Setting

If you plan on being a home health aide after graduating CNA training and receiving you certification, it’d be a good decision. The profession of a home health aide is actually one of the quickest growing CNA occupations.

These positions require you to nurse the elderly who refuse to leave their home to receive care in a nursing home or retirement home. Other clients who receive home health care are patients who return home after surgery, clients suffering from long-term conditions or who have a chronic illness, clients who suffer from chronic respiratory problems, clients who weak and frail, diabetic patients with multiple disabilities, clients with a prior stroke or heart attack.

Work Duties in a Home Health Care as a CNA

As a home health aide, your duties include nutrition issues for the client, fire prevention, home safety, and physical and emotional care. Also, a CNA home health aide’s responsibilities include getting the client ready for the day. You have to assist the client in dressing, grooming, bathing, and toileting. Duties also include checking the client’s vital signs, inspecting for bruises, looking for open wounds, or other kinds of skin ailments. Performing range of motion exercises, possibly assist with walking, and lifting and or transferring a client to their chair or wheel chair depends on the client’s current condition.

Skills needed to become CNA in a Home Health Care Setting

Knowing how to use household equipment is quite essential, because you need to perform the tasks of dusting, vacuuming, cooking light meals, and other cleaning duties that keep the clients’ home clean just like a hospital setting.

The good thing about a home health aide setting is you don’t have to take care of multiple patients at a time, unlike a retirement or nursing home setting. You only have to take care of one patient at that time. This makes it possible to take care of all of the duties a CNA has to do, as I discussed earlier. Also, with only having to take care of one patient, you can provide the highest quality care.

Another good thing about being a home health aide, you can have a flexible work schedule. Unlike nursing homes, the CNA tasks aren’t rushed. In saying this, a home health aide must be able to work independently, document accurately regarding the client’s condition and progress, carry out duties assigned by an LPN or RN that’s in charge, and record al happenings, tasks,, and services in a client’s home.

By understanding this information, you should be to find a home health aide job, and perform the duties and responsibilities of a home health aide. To all CNA graduates, stay motivated and focused on your goals and achievements.

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