How to become a CNA in Oregon?

Step 1: Complete an OSBN (Oregon State Board of Nursing) approved nursing assistant training program. The OSBN certifies both the CNA 1 and CNA 2 levels in Oregon.

Here are some of the ways in which you can apply for CNA 1 initial certification and testing:

Complete and OSBN-approved nursing assistant level 1 training program. This 150-hour program combines 75 hours of classroom and laboratory and 75 hours of on-site clinical work. Candidates must also hold a current CPR card from the American Heart Association and a national criminal background check.

  1. Complete an approved CNA training course in another state with at least 75 hours of training and didactics within the last two years.
  2. Complete a military corpsman or medic training with 400 hours of paid employment for the last two years.
  3. Graduate from an approved nursing program for the last one to three years.

Here are some schools offering an accredited CNA program in Oregon:

  1. American Healthcare Training
  2. Portland Community College
  3. West Hills Health and Rehab Center
  4. Clackamas Community College
  5. Adventist Medical Center
  6. Cascade Medical School

Step 2: Pass the CNA 1 Examination.

The nursing assistant (CNA 1) examination comprises of both the skills and written tests. This is provided by the Headmaster Testing Service of Oregon. The written examination comprises of multiple choice questions while the skills test involves performing of five skills in the clinical setting. Your skills will be evaluated by a registered nurse and you will be given a scenario and equipment for the test.

How to apply for the CNA 1 Examination?

Complete an application form (Certification by Examination Application) and send it to the OSBN office.

  1. Schedule an examination date through your instructor.

After applying to the OSBN, you will receive a letter signifying the date, time, and place for the examination. Test results will be mailed to you after 10 days of your examination. You will receive an Oregon CNA certificate if you pass and will receive a notification of the areas that needs improvement if you fail.

CNA 2 level in Oregon comprises of dementia care, restorative care, and acute care.  Candidates for CNA 2 must also submit for background check, immunization, and drug screening.

How to obtain a CNA 2 certification in Oregon?

Hold a current Oregon CNA 1 certificate.

  1. Complete a nursing assistant course (level-2 training program).
  2. Pass the competency evaluation.

Now you are ready to begin your career as a Certified Nurse Assistant in Oregon!

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