Becoming Certified as a Nurses Assistant in Kansas

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is responsible for certifying that nurse assistants in Kansas are qualified to give a standard of care. A curriculum for training certified nurse assistants has been clearly laid down by the department. It includes the following: communication, infection control, mobility, patients’ living space, safety, personal care and grooming, nutrition and fluid, elimination, vital signs, legal rights of patients, medical abbreviations, care plans, documenting and reporting, changes with aging, comfort and rest, end-of-life care, admission, transfer, discharge, mobility, first aid, and working as a C N A. Colleges throughout Kansas offer a 90 hour training course, at the end of which graduates must pass the Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation test (NATCEP).

Where you can get CNA Training in Kansas?

Colleges throughout the state provide training to help aspirants to become certified nurses assistants, and the Department of Health and Environment maintains a comprehensive list by cities of CNA programs in alphabetical order from Andover to Wichita. Butler Community College in Andover offers 5 units of college credit and emphasizes problem-solving and concepts such as respect for patients, understanding of anatomy and physiology, cultural heritage in health and illness, care plans and working with supervising nurses. Homestead Health Center in Wichita does not offer college credit, but it prepares students for becoming certified nurses assistants in a nursing home environment. Hutchinson Community College offers three programs, at Promise Regional Medical Center, Good Samaritan Society Hutchinson Village, and Wesley Towers. For a list of all CNA training programs in Kansas, see http://www.kdheks.gov/hoc/update_courses/90_hour_nurse_aide_course.pdf. For more information on Kansas’ curriculum requirements for certified nurses aide training programs, see http://www.kdheks.gov/hoc/cna_resources/cna_guidelines_90_hour.pdf.

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