CNA Training In Lubbock Texas

The need for Certified Nurse Aides (CNA) in cities across the US is rising every day. Lubbock Texas is no different. That’s why now is a perfect time to begin training to become a CNA. While there is a national exam candidates must take to become certified, each state has a number of additional requirements. However once one fulfills the requirements to work as a CNA in Lubbock, Texas there are excellent employment opportunities throughout the city. Places like nursing homes, hospitals, health agencies, emergency care centers, adult day care centers, rehabilitation homes, assisted living homes and patients in private homes are always looking for well-trained, caring CNAs.

Basic requirements to become a CNA

Candidates hoping to become CNAs in Lubbock must meet several requirements. The candidates are required to have a basic level of education and must them attend a state approved CNA course. The course must include 75 hours of training. That training must include both classroom instruction and hands on work in a clinical setting. Once the candidates have successfully completed the course they must then take the State of Texas licensing exam. The exam is divided into two parts. One part is a written test in which candidates must exhibit knowledge of the information required to correctly deal with patients and medical staff. The second part of the test calls for the candidates to demonstrate their skills at handling patients.

Candidate that has passed the state CNA exam are then entered into the Texas registry of CNAs. In order to keep their license in good standing CNAs have to periodically take classes to ensure they remain current with the information, processes and procedures. CNAs must also apply for recertification periodically. With a diploma or certificate from an approved school or program and a state license CNAs can then begin looking for work in this lucrative profession. Most find Lubbock to be fertile ground when it comes to finding work.

Benefits of CNA Training in Lubbock Texas

There are several key skills a CNA must master. The CNA must be able to chart medical information, follow the directive of medical personnel and communicate clearly with doctors and nurses on the state of the patient and any special needs or unusual behavior they may have. Communicating with patients and their families is also important. CNAs must also have the ability to help patients with their personal care. With these skills CNAs can earn between $19,000 and $26,000 per year.

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