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To become a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA, in the state of Virginia, individuals must first complete a rigorous training program at a state approved facility. Once their training is complete, candidates must successfully pass a CNA examination to receive a license to practice. This license must renewed on a periodic basis in order for the CNA to continue their employment. As the health care field enjoys continuing growth, the demand for qualified CNAs is likely to increase with the coming years.

CNA Training Programs

The best CNA training is typically provided by accredited, state approved schools. These schools have been reviewed by an independent professional organization which has certified that the training programs at these facilities is in line with professional standards in the health care field. Receiving training from an accredited program makes it easier to secure employment after graduation and enhances the individual’s earning potential.

In Virginia Beach, two state approved schools provide CNA training programs. Tidewater Community College features experienced faculty and cutting edge training methods. Their program is designed to prepare students to work in hospitals, long term care facilities and in private homes. A total of 120 hours of training, including 80 hours of a theory course and 40 hours of clinical practice, is required to successfully complete the program.

The other program at Virginia Beach is offered by the Abbott Education Center, Inc. This facility was founded in 1996, and has been providing a quality educational experience ever since. Students who are enrolled here acquire the basic skills and knowledge necessary to launch them in a new career. This affordable program is fully licensed and approved by the state. Graduates from the program cite the enthusiastic, supportive faculty members as being this school’s greatest asset.

The CNA State Examination

Completion of a CNA program prepares the individual to pass the state administered licensure examination. The examination consists of a written, multiple choice portion and a practical portion in which students demonstrate the skills learned during the training program. After successfully passing the examination, candidates fill out an application form on which they provide information regarding the training program they completed and state whether or not they have ever been convicted of a felony.

The state certification must be renewed every two years. The CNA wishing to renew their certification must do so by completing all of the necessary paperwork by a strict deadline. CNAs must be able to state that they were employed for pay during the prior two year period in order to be eligible for renewal. Failure to file a timely renewal may result in the CNA having to re-take the examination or possibly even the training program.

CNA Jobs in Virginia Beach

Throughout the state of Virginia, CNAs are permitted to take and record vital signs for patients. They are also responsible for helping residents and patients to complete many everyday tasks like eating, dressing and exercising. CNAs may assist patients to bathe and maneuver, as well as providing support and encouragement to the people they assist. The CNA must be an observant individual who notices changes in the behavior and health of their patients. CNAs are expected to notice and report such changes to the registered nurse or other health care professional who is their supervisor.

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