CNA Classes and Training in Norfolk – Virginia (VA)

If looking for the career field that will help you in the city of Norfolk, a CAN career can be the best start for you. The health care industry will always need health care nurses to care for the mentally or physically disabled and the elderly. There are many employers in Norfolk looking for qualified applicants to fill in the positions they have for CNA. In the state of Virginia, the CNA programs are quite more expensive than in other states, but a CNA can make roughly $30,000 a year in the state. They can easily make that kind of money in the city of Norfolk. The cost of the program and the earnings you make after finishing your certification and start your employer equal themselves out. So, even though it costs a good amount to train as a CNA, it benefits highly with the earnings you can make. The CNA and healthcare field is greatly booming in the state of Virginia and the city of Norfolk.

Cost of CNA Training Program in Norfolk, Virginia

Community Personal Care’s CNA program is known to have quite a grade A training program, but the costs of its training, tuition, and books can run up to or over $2,000. The school has an advanced look on the health aspect of the health care field, and it has many areas for the student’s study. They can enroll many students at a time, but the cost of running the facility is quite expensive. This is one of the reasons why the overall costs of the CNA program is expensive. Even though it is expensive, the institutions curriculum is top notch.

• Community Personal Care
1761 Church Street, Norfolk, VA, 23594

Amour Home Care, Inc. Nurse Aide Training has a CNA training program that is a little less expensive than Community Personal Care’s CNA Programs. This program is just about as productive in their teaching methods, and the school has trained many upon many successful CNAs that are in the health care field. The program’s tuitions cost are about $150 to $200 less than Community Personal Care, and has ranked amongst the top ten CNA schools in the state of Virginia in the last five years. This is quite a feat to mountain. If you are looking for quality CNA training at a moderate tuition rate, Amour Home Care, Inc. Nurse Aide Training is right for you.

• Morton’s Educational Center, Inc.
6325 North Center Dr., Norfolk, VA, 23502

There are numerous ways to receive quality CNA training in Virginia and Norfolk is one of the healthcare centered areas in the state. You should enroll in the CNA program that is right for you, learn and absorb all knowledge and practices, and become a high quality CNA in the health care field.

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