Skills for CNAs

Learning about the skills that are necessary to become a successful certified nursing assistant can allow potential students to determine whether they have what it takes to make it in the nursing career that has been chosen.

Skills required to become a successful CNA

Here are some of the skills that are required in order to make a successful certified nursing assistant and excel within the career:


It is important that students studying to become CNAs be able to demonstrate empathy for the patients, or have the ability to realize how the patient may feel while being placed in a certain situation or given specific news. Learning about the importance of empathy is essential, but the person considering the nursing position should be empathetic in their regular demeanor and personality.

The ability to Listen

Having the ability to listen is essential in patient chart and record taking of the history. The history of the patient is quite important and therefore itโ€™s important to ensure that the client is able to feel as if they are being listened to, so they will relay information that they feel is pertinent to the case.

Basics vital checking Skills

Ensuring that the basic skills have been learned through the program, including the skills that are required to check the vitals of the patient that is being cared for can be an effective way to ensure that the nurse is able to maintain optimal care.

Working as part of a Team

It is important to realize that becoming an nursing assistant means that the nurse is going to become a valuable part of the team within the care environment. Working with other types of nurses, doctors and personal support workers is going to be essential while taking part in this team and therefore it is essential the graduate is able to fit in with this team of health care providers.

Ensuring that these skills are present within your information and education profile, or that the student is able to acquire or develop these skills to compliment the education that has been received can help to assure success as a CNA within a variety of workplaces.

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